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Educational material

The Cyprus Centre for Environmental     Research and Education (CYCERE) of the Holy Bishopry of Limassol looking at the environmental awareness of youth, as for attitudes and positions contributing to the protection of the ecological balance and the life quality to be developed and support sustainable living, has developed and freely provides:

Α) A series of 15 Environmental Education Programmes (E.E.P.) for Primary and Secondary Education students as also for University students.

Β) Innovative educational material that is being evaluated and readjusted yearly for supporting the pre-mentioned Environmental Education Programmes. The main purpose is for the educational material to be validated as for promoting the conceptual understanding in connection to scientific thinking and reasoning skills.

In addition, within the context of its environmental action, CYCERE  has published the following educational material:

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3) “Akrotiri Peninsula – Environmental tour”
*The booklet is in Greek language

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4) “The Cyprus butterflies reveal”
*The booklet is in Greek language
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