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Awards for 2015 – 2016

For the school year 2015-2016 the awarding of the students was held on their graduation day by CYCERE Educational-Research Team representatives.

Agios Antonis Lyceum

– Aristeidou Ifigenia (C’2)
– Agathokleous Andrie (C

Delivered by: Evanthia Charalambous (Coordinator of Marketing and Public Relations of CYCERE, Member of CYCERE Board).

Agios Nikolas Lyceum

Student: Andreou Eleni Andreas (C’6)

Delivered by: Papadopoulou – Chr. Melanthia, Assistant Director (CYCERE Representative)

Polemidia Lyceum

Student: Hadjiantoni Georgios Andrea (C’6)

Delivered by:  Hadjipetrou Maria, Assistant Director (CYCERE Representative)

Lanitio Lyceum

– Louka Artemis
– Papakyprianou Paraskevi
– John Bigs
– Hadjigeorgiou Elena

Delivered by: Dr. Nikos Kassinis (CYCERE Coordinator of Bird Fauna, Member of CYCERE Board)

Regional Lyceum of Apostolos Loukas of Kolossi

– Pouroulos Leonidas (C’2)
– Tampourides Andreas (C’2)

Delivered by: Yiannis Yeorgiou (Coordinator of CYCERE Website and CYCERE Facebook Friends Community)

Apostolos Petros and Pavlos Lyceum

Student: Georgiou Ioanna (C’9)

Delivered by: Dr Costas Costa (Coordinator of Environmental Research, Member of CYCERE Board)

Linopetra Lyceum

– Neophytou Onisiforos
– Miltiadoys Mirto (C’8)
– Modestou Maria

Delivered by:  Diamantis Demetriou, Assistant Director (CYCERE Representative)