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Book: Environment Bioethics: The orthodox approach of the Creation

Environment Bioethics: The orthodox approach of the Creation is the new book of Dr. Andreas Hadjihambis, the Scientific Director of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education of the Holy Bishopry of Limassol. The Creation proclaims the Creator God and man can and must study the wonderful works of the creation as to discover through this the infinite wisdom of God and His glory for man.

The book is preached by the Bishop of Limassol, Messrs. Athanasios. This edition (2015) is organized in ten different chapters, covering approximately 150 pages.

The book refers to the relationship between the Cosmos and the Microcosmos and the footprint of a humble priest of nature. It analyzes the spiritual dimension of the ecological problem, the loss of Biodiversity from Orthodoxy and the creation of plants, their purpose-destination and their presence in the worship of the Orthodox Church.

The book also examines man’s relationship to plants in Orthodoxy, the position of animals and their protection in Orthodoxy, and how the Orthodox Christian should face the natural environment.

The book concludes with a contemporary concept of Environmental Education and Training for Sustainability of the Earth as well as with the Orthodox Approach to Modern Applications of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in Plants and Animals.

Extracts from the Book:

It is essential for man to escape from the enclosed universe

of his ego, to touch the stars, to catch the infinity, to unite with Him.

 To seek not the materialistic reconstruction of the world around him

but to achieve the spiritual regeneration of the world within him.

A recreation that will allow him to hear His voice,

that will allow Him to see Him, that will allow Him to touch Him.

Him, the Triune God of Love, embracing the universe,

who embraces every small or great creature in the world

and through His infinite love,

this is life giving.

As an image of His, as an eternal person,

let us travel in the world of God

liberated from our self-centered arrogance

and our biological wellbeing and

let us be restored to the endless, to infinity, to the eternal.

The Orthodox Christian who loves nature is benefiting,

active and environmentally friendly.

He is glad when he is in nature,

Rejoices when it comes to protecting the natural environment

and the Creation of God.

He regrets when the environment is being destroyed,

He regrets when life is taken away from every logical or insane creation.

He regrets when pain is developed within the world of creation …

Is limited to the minimum, it is sufficient for the necessities.

He believes in the majesty of the Creator.

He hopes for the sustainability of the Earth.

(Abstract from the the Christian Love Hymn for the environment) 

As Orthodox Christians, let us dear

the Modern Sirens of Modernity

which focus on anthropocentric narcissism

and take us away from nature and the whole creation

by simply materialising it,

underestimating it as means and

degrading it as a tool of human use.

being devastated of creation and its Creator,

peeled from its purpose and destination, and

alienated from the worship of our church.

All proceeds from the book will be given to support the CYCERE Environmental Education Programmes provided free of charge to students.

Sponsor of this publication is the Cooperative Savings Bank of Limassol.

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