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Sponsorship Relations

Our sponsors contribute actively in our work for the protection of the environment through the funding of our programs. From our side we encourage them to commit that will implement good environmental practices through which both the business themselves and the environment will gain great benefits. In each case, depending on the specific content of the sponsorship program, the duration and amount of the sponsorship, communications benefits are designed and possible partnerships that may arise in combination with the type of the company are explored.

Nevertheless, CYCERE does not get involved in a sponsorship relationship with any business which does not meet the minimum criteria for corporate responsibility as hygiene (products, workplaces, etc.), rights of workers, compliance with regulatory and legislative framework, and so on.

Funding of our Environmental Education Programs

CYCERE allows a small number of organizations and companies to fund and to sponsor one of the ten programs of Environmental Education created and implemented at the Centre. In this way, the CYCERE has the potential to provide its award-winning Environmental Education Programs free of charge to all the students visiting the Centre.

Select the Environmental Education Program that you would like to sponsor and contact with the CYCERE.


  • Earthkeepers
  • The world of the coast
  • Recycling, 5R – Sustainable Consumption
  • Biodiversity: The diversity of life
  • The land of the Salt Lakes
  • The secrets of the lake
  • Tracers: The secrets of the lake (EEP integrating location-aware Augmented Reality technologies)
  • Vegetable gardens: Reflection, Collaboration, Action
  • The traditional uses of Cyprus plants
  • Food relations (Biology, 1st grade Gymnasium, Section: 5)
  • Ecological Pyramids (Biology, 2nd-3rd grade Gymnasium, Section: 6)
  • The ecosystems of Akrotiri Peninsula
  • Flora – Plant exploration
  • Fauna of Akrotiri Peninsula

Sponsorship for events
The organization of several events by the CYCERE would not be possible without the constant support from individuals and companies who contribute financially or through their services and products eagerly. In this way, the CYCERE saves significant resources.


Sponsorship through the offer of goods and services
Many times the desire to contribute to our work is expressed through donation of products or services.

If you would like to contribute in our efforts by offering goods or services through your company or your professional status do not hesitate to contact us.


Economic empowerment of  CYCERE
The CYCERE also accepts charitable contributions from individuals, foundations and organizations for the economic empowerment of its actions.

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