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Green City & Green Community of Cyprus Awards – GreenCityCY Awards 2018


The Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) recognizing that all Cities and Communities can make a real contribution to sustainable development, the improvement of living quality of life and the  protection of the environment, and that their actions have a direct or indirect impact on the local, regional and as an extension, the global environment, aims at the emergence of Green Cities or Green Communities in Cyprus, which have adopted and developed environmentally friendly policies and practices.

We believe the improvement of the urban environment of Cypriot cities and communities can be achieved through local initiatives such as increasing green areas, gardens and parks, sustainable waste management, environmental awareness and education, energy saving and the use of Renewable Sources of Energy, Sustainable Translocation and Transportation and other initiatives.

For promoting the Green Cities or Green Communities in Cyprus, that have adopted and developed environmentally friendly policies and practices, the CYCERE Annual Pancyprian Awards “Green City or Green Community of Cyprus” are established under the auspices of the Environment Commissioner and are co-organized with the support of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and the Union of Cyprus Communities.

The aims of the “Green City or Green Community of Cyprus” Awards are:

  • The promotion of environmental protection and sustainable development in municipalities and communities by rewarding and promoting green initiatives
  • The mobilizing of local authorities to constantly improve their citizens’ daily lives and improve their environmental performance
  • The emergence of local authorities ensuring a better quality of life for the citizens.
  • The creation of a network of Green Cities and Green Communities in Cyprus
  • The gradual preparation of Cypriot cities for the European Capital of Europe Award.

Cities and Communities of Cyprus can apply for one or more of the 12 “Green City or Green Community Awards” categories.

Awarding Categories:
1.Atmospheric air

2. Sustainable Translocation and Transportation
3.Green areas – Urban biodiversity

4.Waste management
5.Sustainable Energy Consuming and Renewable Sources of Energy
6.Quite City  – Noise Levels
7.Management of Water sources
8.Sustainable turism
9.Sustainable Constructed Environment
10.Environmental Awareness and Education
11.Climate Change
12.Environmental Standards and e-Governing

The Categories of the “Green City or Green Community Awards” can be read thoroughly here where you can also submit your candidacy.  

More information can be found on the Informative sheet attached.

Five (5) distinct stages must be followed.

Candidacy submission Stage
At first you need to submit the Participation Form for the CYCERE Pancyprian Awards “Green City or Green Community of Cyprus” and promote it to CYCERE (either via email or fax)

Subscription stage
Afterwards, the subscription as a Municipality or Community should be submitted according to the number of categories you wish to be considered candidates. The fees are considered symbolic and are required for covering the expenses of the Administrative and Scientific support.

Support and Documentation stage
During this stage, CYCERE will support you as to perform all the required activities for submitting all the required documents for supporting your candidacy in the chosen Award category. You can find the “Documentation of Actions/Activities/Solutions” file.

Evaluation of the Evaluation Scientific Committee Stage
After completing all the required actions, Evaluation from the Evaluation Scientific Committee will follow. Attached you can find the “Evaluation” file on which the evaluation of each City/Community is based. 

Pancyprian Award Stage
At the final stage the awarding of the Pancyprian Award occurs through a special awarding ceremony.

– Projects submitted and awarded cannot be re-awarded.
– Award-winning works cannot be re-submitted unless there are new results, specialization with new elements and enrichment.
– The Green Capital will be the Municipality or the Community that will collect the highest score of all the candidate projects of all categories.

Report from the Journalism Conference for the Announcement of the Awards


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Invitation for the Pancyprian Environmental Awards Ceremony 2018

Award Ceremony for Pancyprian Environmental Awards 2018

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