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In the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) we provide environmental programs and activities so as to help people to improve their daily lives. In an era characterized by a competitive relationship between man and nature and in an era where the state of our environment is getting worse and worse, we believe that environmental education and pedagogy, environmental research and the public access to reliable knowledge for the development of environmental consciousness obtain a significant importance.

CYCERE’s mission is to preserve the rich biodiversity of the nature of Cyprus and to prevent environmental degradation, targeting into the harmonious coexistence of man and nature and into the creation of environmentally literate citizens as well as capable and qualified teachers.

Primary goal

The primary goal of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education, from the beginnings of its foundation, was the operation of a modern Environmental Centre of Environmental Education and Awareness of the visitors and the students about the unique natural environment of the Akrotiri Peninsula, and about the Environmental Research.

Fields of activities



Α. Environmental Education 

The Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education, from the first year of its foundation, applies with great success Environmental Education Programs. These programs are all-day long and consist of several phases which deal with a series of modules with a variety of teaching methods.

  • Environmental education for students and visitors of the Akrotiri Peninsula about the ecological value of natural environment and other environmental issues.
  • Development and implementation of Environmental Education Programs for schools of Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary Education that visit the CYCERE.
  • Training on material included in the curricula of various courses of Primary and Secondary Education through an experiential approach.
  • Development of awareness of young people concerning the environment, so as to develop attitudes and participative behaviours that will promote the protection of the ecological balance and the quality of life and that will ensure the sustainable development.
  • Support Environmental Education Programs at the school framework.
  • Since its foundation the CYCERE has given strong emphasis on producing innovative educational material (printed, audiovisual, etc.) and piloted guides and programs for the schools.

The interest of the schools (both Primary and Secondary schools) is very big. Hundreds of schools from all the areas of Cyprus have so far participated in the Environmental Education Programs that CYCERE offers. Every year, thousands of students and hundreds of teachers visit the Environmental Center.

The comments, coming both from the students and the teachers accompanying the groups of the students, are very positive and encouraging, highlighting the originality and thoroughness of the programs as well as the educational methodology that our courses follow.

Schools from all over the Cyprus are invited to visit the environmental center and to attend the unique environmental education programs offered after completing and sending the special participative form and contacting with the managers biologists Dr. Andrea Chadjichambi and Dr. Demetra Paraskeva-Chadjichambi. The environmental education programs provided are free of charge.

Visit the pages of CYCERE’s Environmental Education Programs and sign up for the class or your group.

For any clarification, please contact the e-mail: a.cha[email protected]

Β. Environmental Research

CYCERE and its researchers have participated so far in a series of research projects in collaboration with research institutions and universities in Cyprus and abroad. Objectives of CYCERE’s environmental research are:

  • Maintenance and improvement of the ecological and the social role that natural environment plays.
  • Protection of biodiversity, particularly of species and habitats with great environmental or ecological value founded at the ecologically significant area of Akrotiri and in Cyprus.
  • Management and preservation of the natural environment.
  • Sustainable use and exploitation of the natural resources

Γ. Environmental Information

By organizing events, workshops, conferences, and campaigns, the CYCERE aims at the transfer of environmental knowledge in a simple manner not only to the ordinary citizens but also to those belonging in the stuff of decision-making centres.

Target of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education is to raise public awareness on issues concerning the environment, to develop attitudes and participative behaviours that contribute to the protection of the ecological balance and the quality of life and therefore ensure the health of our planet.

The state of the world requires us to act

CYCERE is committed to contribute in every possible way towards to a proper promotion of Environmental Education and Environmental Research in Cyprus continuing to conduct environmental education programs and environmental research so that students will become familiar with the concept of sustainable management and adopt it as a lifestyle by developing skills, evaluative abilities and participating as active citizens.