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Demetris Papadakis (Member of the European Parliament)


I would like to thank the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education of the Holy Bishopry of Limassol for the activities performed in the field of environmental education throughout the last 13 years.

The effects of climate change are already visible in Europe and are expected to intensify in the upcoming decades. These changes pose a serious threat to human life, economic growth and the natural world on which our well-being is heavily dependent. For this reason, I believe that it is very important to raise awareness for the environment through environmental education, research and information. They are the basis for a better tomorrow for future generations.

I am sure your significant contribution through the multiple actions undertaken by CYCERE will be contributing to the creation of a new, sensitized generation to protect our country and the environment.

I wish every success and good power in your work!

Yours sincerely,

Demetris Papadakis

Member of the European Parliament