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Earthkeepers – Description of the program

The Earthkeepers program begins with an invitation from a mysterious character known as the E.M., inviting the students to visit the CYCERE (Earthkeepers Training Center) in order to become Earthkeepers.

A few weeks later, students arrive in order to spend three days at the CYCERE Exploring the natural environment, students learn basic ecological concepts and try to earn the four K.E.Y.S. needed in order to become Earthkeepers.


Through a sequence of four activities, students understand that all of the things necessary for life can be found in an appropriate balance upon the Earth – sun, air, water and soil. They also learn that the flow of the sun energy and the materials recycling are responsible for the existence of all the life – including us. As the training continues, students become aware of the interdependence of everything as well as that everything we do effects many other parts of the systems of life. When students complete the four activities, they receive thekey (Knowledge). With this key, they open the first box (K box) in order to find out the first secret meaning of E.M.


Students through a sequence of activities, derive catalytic sensory experiences that transform the unfamiliar natural world in a familiar and intimate world by changing the perspectives of the participants and involving them directly with nature. Completing these activities participants receive the key E (Experience), in order to open the second secret box and learn the second secret meaning of E.M.

When students get the first two keys then they become Apprentice Earthkeepers. However, the program has not been completed yet because the activities of students continue both at their schools and homes, in order to receive the other two keys remaining, the Y key and the S key.

Students through understand now that they are responsible for the protection of our planet – they have become now into Earthkeepers

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