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Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew

Theophilite Bishop of Amathounta, in the Holy Spirit beloved Brother, mister Nikolaos, Chairman of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education, grace to Him and mercy of our Lord Almighty.

If whatever was created by our Heavenly Father and Creator is good, our small planet Earth on which He has placed human, the excellent creation among all, as to work and protect it, seems highly blessed as revealed by the scientific research of the Universe.

Having all the prerequisites for the existence of biological life, has now been chosen for the establishment of the Divine Economy under the sinful God and Word and providing the right to Eternity of the indestructible Heaven for all believing in Him and working under His divine commands.

Hence, as a starting point for gaining the ‘in His likeness’ by cultivating the ‘in His image’ for us, the members of the Holy Church, the present world is not to be despised but in contrary, should be treated with respect and solicitude, as for all the next generations to gain the right to participate in divine life by the end of our present times.

Under this consideration we appreciate the lave and care with which all the holy people are treating the creation without though crossing the boundaries and falling in worshiping the creation rather than the Creator. 

Thus, the Holy Great Church of our Christ and the my Mediocrity in person are observing with great interest and enhancing as well as possible every environmental effort developed either by individuals or by communities and organisations under the operation of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education of the Holy Bishopry of Limassol of which you have recently reported the diverse programmes and activities as well as the honorary distinctions awarded.

Towards that direction Theophilite please accept along with the congratulations the Patriarchal satisfaction and the great wishes for the Centre to continue fruitfully the excellent beneficial work on raising awareness of especially the young souls of Cyprus that will be managing the environment in the future.

Regarding this, we would like you to forward our love in Christ and our regards to His Holiness the Bishop of Limassol mister Athanasios, the spiritual Elder of our Almighty God and founder of the Centre, as well as the chosen collaborators of the Centre and we wish under the love of our Lord Jesus for a great continuum under His grace. 

Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew