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Ιdeas for cardboard and boxes

1) Office supply organizers 

Materials needed:set_grafeiou2
– Packing cereal or similar packaging
– Empty biscuits box or similar packaging
– Empty small boxes (e.g. tea box)
– Empty paper bags
– Decorative materias (optional)
– Scissors
– Glue

Time required:
35 minutes 

InstructionsFirst, gather several empty carton containers. After make sure that the containers are clean. Then decide what household containers would work best for your office supplies. For example, an empty biscuits box would make a good pen and pencil holder. A cereal box is the perfect size for holding papers. Smaller boxes are good for holding paper clips and other smaller office supplies.

To decorate, place the containers on the wrapping paper (we suggest to use paper bag paper). Cut enough wrapping paper to cover the container. Leave enough extra paper to tuck in or fold over the edges into the container. Carefully glue the paper to the container.

Allow plenty of time for the glue to dry before using your new desk organizers. You can also decorate them as you want. Take a look at the picture above for some ideas!

2) Case magazine 


Materials needed:
– Packing cereal or similar packaging
– Scissors
– Sandpaper
– White Spray
– Green paint
– Brush

Time required:
35 minutes 

Instructions:  Take a cereal box (or a similar box) and remove the original roof. Then, starting from the middle of the box remove a piece and creating a 45 degree angle.Repeat the same process for the back of your box. Rub gently with sandpaper the box and then paint it using a white spray.

After winning pieces and cut sheet of sandpaper. Put the pieces were painted green with a fine brush, and decorate your box, creating with the pieces prints sheets. Leave the box to dry. Then put the magazines in your bag that you make.