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“Environment for All”

The Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education in cooperation with the Radio Channel “Kanali 6” (98,6 FM) of the Holy Church of Limassol daily presents the broadcast “Environment for All”, which deals with environmental issues. The broadcast is organized and presented by the Biologists – Environmentalists Dr. Andreas Hadjichambis and Dr. Demetra Paraskeva-Hadjichambi. The program broadcasts daily (Monday – Friday) at 8:40 a.m and it lasts for 5 minutes.

Below you can find short environmental articles, relating to the presentation of environmental issues.

Species of November 2019

  Name: Cyprus crested lark Scientific Name: Galerida Crisata Cypriaca Family: Larks (Alaudidae)       General Information’s Cyprus crested lark or as it is commonly called in Cyprus, Tsouroullos has the scientific name Galerida Crisata Cypriaca and is a very common winged resident of Cyprus. It is an endemic subspecies of Cyprus belonging ...

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Species of October 2019

Name: Arum Scientific Name: Arum sintenisii Family: Αροειδών (araceae)     Description This plant is perennial, erect, tubular, with a height of up to 65 cm. It has a pleasant aroma and large leaf, measuring 8.5-25 x 5.5-27 cm, which grow directly from the basement tuber before flowering, towards the ...

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Species of September 2019

Name: Bonelli’s eagle Scientific name: Hieraaetus fasciatus Family: Accipitridae       General information The Bonelli Eagle (Spezaetus) or as it is known in Cyprus, Perticosynchino is a rare eagle that lives permanently in Cyprus and has a special place among bird lovers. It’s Scientific name is Hieraaetus fasciatus. Description It is a ...

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Species of August 2019

  padding right=”10%” left=”10%”] Name: Lotus Scientific Name: Ziziphus lotus Family: Rhamnaceae   General Inforfmation “Do you think I eat cones”? A phrase derived from the Cypriot tradition used by the speaker when he wants to indicate that he is not easily fooled by what his interlocutor says. But what ...

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Species of July 2019

Name: European blind snake – Anilios Scientific Name: Typhlops vermicularis Merrem Family: Typhlopidae     Discerption Anilios (European blind snake) is one of the smallest snakes in Cyprus with a length not exceeding 40 cm and with a very thin trunk that creates a thorn-shaped end in the tail area helping to anchor the snake ...

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Species of June 2019

Name: Rose Geranium Scientific Name: Pelargonium graveolens Family: Geraniaceae   General information It belongs to the family of Geraniaceae. In Cyprus it is called koulin or thkoulin and in Greece it is goldsmith, goldsmith and musk leaf. It blooms from April to September. Description Polycyclic semi-shrubby perennial plant. Hair shoots with glandular and ...

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Species of May 2019

Name: Barn swallow Επιστημονικό όνομα: Hirundo rustica Family: Hirundinidae     General Information’s The characteristic twigs of the swallows and their dancing wings are the herald of spring and flowering in our country. The island has given us a wealth of songs, poems and tales related to swallows. However, most people ...

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Species of April 2019

  Name: Clove Scientific Name: Eugenia caryophyllus Family: Myrtaceae       General Infrormation’s Clove is one of the most popular seasonings in the world, second in sale after pepper [1,2,4]. It is an aromatic flavoring that has a strong, spicy flavor and consists of unripe dried buds [1]. In particular, it consists of ...

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Species of March 2019

Name: Lowell – Caterpillar Scientific Name: Ocnogyna (loweii) Cypriaca Family: Artiicadae     Description It is an invertebrate insect, the lepidopteran insect larva, which is formed from the egg of a butterfly. It has a worm and a soft body that resembles a small cylinder. The body of the caterpillar is fluffy and vivid in ...

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Species of December 2018

  Name: Mastic Tree – Schinia Scientific Name: Pistacia lentiscus Family: Anacardiaceae     Description It is an evergreen resinous shrub that can reach up to 4m and has dark green leaves and trunk covered with light brown bark. The flowers of the plant are brown-green [1,3]. Spreading This plant has a wide ...

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