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Actions in the school unit

draseis_sxoliki_monadaMembers of the CY.C.E.R.E.’s scientific team deliver free lectures and presentations regarding the environment in several schools and they help teachers to implement environmental actions in both their classrooms and their schools.



Species of December 2019

      Name: Narcissus Scientific name: Narcissus tazetta Family: Amaryllidaceae         “… in order the germinate seed to grow/…  and with red poppies, lilacs and Narcissus your sunken girls, …” says poet Andis Kanakis in an ode to the occupied land of Mesaoria in the poem Mesaritic Asma. Some ...

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Species of November 2019

  Name: Cyprus crested lark Scientific Name: Galerida Crisata Cypriaca Family: Larks (Alaudidae)       General Information’s Cyprus crested lark or as it is commonly called in Cyprus, Tsouroullos has the scientific name Galerida Crisata Cypriaca and is a very common winged resident of Cyprus. It is an endemic subspecies of Cyprus belonging ...

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Species of October 2019

Name: Arum Scientific Name: Arum sintenisii Family: Araceae     Description This plant is perennial, erect, tubular, with a height of up to 65 cm. It has a pleasant aroma and large leaf, measuring 8.5-25 x 5.5-27 cm, which grow directly from the basement tuber before flowering, towards the end ...

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Species of September 2019

Name: Bonelli’s eagle Scientific name: Hieraaetus fasciatus Family: Accipitridae       General information The Bonelli Eagle (Spezaetus) or as it is known in Cyprus, Perticosynchino is a rare eagle that lives permanently in Cyprus and has a special place among bird lovers. It’s Scientific name is Hieraaetus fasciatus. Description It is a ...

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Species of December 2018

  Name: Mastic Tree – Schinia Scientific Name: Pistacia lentiscus Family: Anacardiaceae     Description It is an evergreen resinous shrub that can reach up to 4m and has dark green leaves and trunk covered with light brown bark. The flowers of the plant are brown-green [1,3]. Spreading This plant has a wide ...

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Species of November 2018

  Name: Griffon Vulture Scientific Name: Gyps fulvus Family: Accipitridae     Description The Griffon Vulture, as it is called, is the largest bird in our country at about 1 meter in length and opening wings about two and a half meters. Its plumage has a light brown color, while the edges ...

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Species of October 2018

Name: Cedra Scientific Name: Cedrus brevifolia Family: Pinaceae   Description The cedar of Cyprus is characterized as an evergreen resin tree that can reach up to 30m in height. Consists of small greenish-needle leaves and brown and red male and female cones respectively. Spreading Its natural spreading area is confined to the wider ...

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Publication: Antibiotics in livestock: introducing in-service teachers to the nature of contemporary socio-scientific controversies

Eleni A. Kyza, Yiannis Georgiou, Andreas Hadjichambis and Andria Agesilaou Abstract: This article presents an experiential activity organised around a contemporary socio-scientific controversy about the use of antibiotics in livestock. Such controversies can help students develop skills to engage in evidence-based discussions about modern societal challenges. Even though the activity ...

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