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The species of August 2013

2013.08_Hemiechinus auritus dorotheae

Name: Long-eared hedgehog
Scientific name:
Hemiechinus auritus dorotheae






Endemic subspecies of Cyprus, a small terrestrial mammal with a size of about 18-25 cm. In his hair he has thorns about 20 mm long, mainly on the upper part of his body. The thorns he carries on his body are denser and farther from his back. The color of his face and limbs is gray-black. Hedgehogs can live 4 – 7 years.

It lives on shores, shrubs, fields, clearings, salt flats (Salt lake of Akrotiri) and mountainous areas. It feeds on snails, fruits, insects, frogs, small animals and snakes, that is, it is an omnivorous animal.

Pesticides poison hedgehogs and kill insects as their main food. Cars are also a danger to them, as they are often found “pressed” by car wheels.

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Image source:
© Τμήμα Δασών

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