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The species of January 2012


2012.01_Mentha aquatica



Name: Water Mint
Scientific name: Mentha aquatica






Perennial, rhizomatous, strongly fragrant poa, with semi-erect or erect hairy shoots, up to 100 cm high, usually with a purple tinge and a characteristic caustic odor. Leaves ovoid to ovoid-lanceolate, serrated. Flowers arranged in 2-3 dense vertebrae that form superimposed heads 2 cm in diameter, once with 1-3 sparse vertebrae in the armpits of deciduous bracts, below the heads.

Europe, Africa and east to the Caucasus and Iran. In Cyprus, a place is known as Meadow of Fasouri.

Liquid or flooded places and banks of streams, near sea level (or up to 300 m in Listovouno).

Flowering: June – August. Fruiting: August – September. It produces essential oils that contain terpenes with possible defensive function.

Preservation status and threats
The only confirmed subpopulation in Meadow of Fasouri, is located in an area with controlled activities, however, its conservation depends directly on the hydrological conditions of the area that depend to a large extent on the Kouri dam.

Value and uses
Medicinal plant with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It can be used as an aromatic plant in gardens and parks.

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