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The Species of January 2014

2014.01_Lycium schweinfurthii


Scientific Name: Lycium schweinfurthii Dammer
Family: Solanaceae – Solanous                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Deciduous thorny shrub 2-3m tall. Leaves alternate, simple. Flowering almost all year round (from December to September). Flowers hermaphroditic, white with violet color. Oval or spherical fruit, black or red-orange rail.

It prefers lightly sandy soils, beaches, dunes, semi-arid or semi-sandy areas near the sea.

It is found mainly in the Mediterranean countries and in the countries of West Asia.

The name Lycium comes from the name of the ancient state of Central Asia, Lycia, or from the Greek name Lycia used by Dioscorides and Pliny for some thorny shrubs.

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