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The species of July 2015

To eidos tou Iouliou2015. Aristolochia sempervirens L

Name: Evergreen birthwort
Scientific Name: Aristolochia sempervirens L.
Family: Aristolochiaceae



Evergreen birthwort shrub with serpentine shoots. Leaves alternate, simple, entire, smooth and leathery with pointed tip. Inflorescences, geraniums, swollen at the base, strongly curved with yellow and brown vertical streaks. Fruit capsule. Flowering March – July.

Distribution – Uses
It is a relatively common plant and is found in shady or humid areas near shrubs in the mountains and semi-mountains.

The name comes from the excellent and lochia because the ancient Greeks considered it an excellent medicine for easy childbirth (lochia).

Recent research shows that all parts of it are toxic or even carcinogenic, although the plant’s extracts have been reported as an anti-cancer drug.

Consumption of it causes gastrointestinal disorders and paralysis of the respiratory system, while in pregnant women it can also cause miscarriage.

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