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The species of May 2013

2013.05_Salvia dominica L.

Name: Dominican Sage
Scientific name: Salvia dominica L.






Aromatic shrub or semi-shrub with a height of up to 100cm. Its shoots are square with dense ash, glandular or non-glandular hair. Its leaves are simple, arranged along the entire length of the shoots, with an oval or oval-elongated plate 2.8 – 7.5 x 1.8 – 5 cm. Hairy, green, with white non-glandular hairs, wavy and irregularly serrated or toothed edges. Along the flowering stem, the flowers of the plant are projected on arranged vertebrae. Calyx biceps with a length of 7 – 10 mm and dense, long non-glandular hair. The fruit consists of 4 small elongated nuts 3 mm long.

Rare indigenous species of Cyprus with 2 known locations (Ancient Theater of Kouriou and Limassol – Paphos road). It is also found in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.

Dominican Sage thrives on rocky slopes and sidewalks, with bushy vegetation at an altitude of 150 m.

Its flowering period is between April and May and the fruiting period is between June and August.

Preservation status and threats
Its population is 350 people with the largest population being that of Kourion. Road maintenance and improvement works pose a threat to this species.

Existing protection measures
It has been evaluated with scientific criteria for the inclusion of the plant in the Natura 2000 network, but without proposing the implementation of the plan due to the fact that it is subject to British soil.

Suggested protection measures
Propagation of the species and its use as an ornamental plant.

Value and uses
Aromatic plant with a strong and caustic smell, with medicinal properties and cosmetic value.

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