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The species of September 2017


Name:  Tree frog
Scientific name: Hyla savignyi
Family:  Hylidae




It is one of the 3 species of frogs that adorn with their beauty and grace [1]. It is a small frog with a maximum total length of 45 mm. It has smooth and shiny skin. Its main feature is the green bright color on the upper part of its body. A dark brown stripe starts at the tip of his nose, passes through his eye and ends in the groin. This side strip ends in a white area. Its lower part is white [1,2].

In Cyprus, the tree frog is found near water, such as streams, dams and lakes [1,2].

It is worth mentioning that the adult frog is an insectivore and is hide from insects and other arthropods in order to eat them [1,2].

Mating begins in early spring. Egg laying and larval development take place in stagnant water or streams and more specifically in areas where the flow is slower. The first small frogs can be found in May. It is impressive that during the mating season, the males call their mate with a sound similar to that of the cicada and can be heard up to 1,000 meters! [1,2].

He uses the liquid he produces and the tiny bumps on his feet to stick to surfaces he wants to climb. Often the involuntary protagonists of the photographers become dense, as they usually spend their days motionless on tree branches and on leaves. However, if they are disturbed, they will react and leave. They are mainly active at night, where they move to the nearest water source to be hydrated and fed [1,2].

It is a very common species throughout Cyprus. However, the number of populations and individuals per population continues to decline significantly, making it a very vulnerable species in Cyprus. Prolonged droughts on the island and the loss of suitable habitats are clearly significant threats to the species.

[1] The Amphibians and Reptiles of Cyprus, Felix Baier, David J. Sparrow, Hans – Jorg Wiedl, 2009.

[2] http://kinigoscy.com
[3] http://www.moa.gov.cy

Image source:
©Dûrzan cîrano

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