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Training Seminar for Biologists

The Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Education, organized on January 24th a Training Seminar for Biologists focusing on Environmental Education. The seminar took place at the CYCERE and was attended by dozens of teachers including the Inspector of Biology in Secondary Schools. The seminar was divided into two parts, the theoretical part and the practical one. The theoretical part included speeches by the Scientific Coordinator of the Center Dr. Andreas Chadjichambis, the Professor in Arizona University in Tucson and coordinator of the Institute of Earth Education for the Sustainability of Earth Dr. Bruce Johnson, Dr. Constantinos Manoli, from the visiting faculty at the University of Cyprus and Dr. Demetra Chadjichambi member of the Special Teaching Staff for environmental education at the University of Cyprus.  

The topics discussed were the environmental education compared with the Education for the environment, education for the Sustainability of earth contrasting with the Education for Sustainable Development and the success of the “Earthkeepers” program, whose results were presented and analyzed in the seminar. The rest of the theoretical part included a small presentation regarding the CYCERE environmental educational programs with emphasis given in the “World of the Coast” program, which was applied in action by the teachers in the practical part. On the “Lady’s Mile” beach the Biology Professors, adopting the role of the student, applied in practice part of the program activities gaining valuable experience both for themselves and their pedagogic practice.

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