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Yiannakis Omirou (Former President of the House of Representatives)

On the occasion of completing ten years of life and unselfish offering of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education of the Holy Bishopry of Limassol, I express my respect and my deep appreciation for the commendable work that has already been produced.

The effort of cultivating environmental consciousness through the unprofitable Environmental Education programmes of CYCERE has filled an important gap and has laid the foundation for the creation of a new generation of environmentally aware citizens.

In this difficult economic regime our country is facing, initiatives such as the Holy Bishopry’s of Limassol promoting environmental sensitivity and shifting towards sustainable development are considered the foundations for developing and delivering a more solid infrastructure to our children.

I am sure that the 10-year course of CYCERE is the guideline for analogous continuity in the future.

I wish every success to your aims and goals!

Yiannakis Omirou

Former President of the House of Representatives