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The business activities offer a huge variety of goods and services we all require to support a comfortable lifestyle. The satisfaction, however, of this growing consuming demand has consequences on the biodiversity, the natural resources and the raw materials such as oil and minerals. It also creates widespread pollution and waste. For this reason, companies have been considered for a long time the “enemy” of those who fight to protect the environment. Today, these views have gradually begun to be reconsidered.

The issue of tackling climate change, which is now at the stage, affects us all. There’s no time to lose. Today, entrepreneurs, government officials, scientists and civil society should work together in order to tackle the problem. To achieve the stabilization of global warming below the 2 ° C, we should reduce the emissions by 60% to 80% in industrialized countries and by 50%  at a global level, until 2050.

The Green Book of the European Commission (2001) defines corporate social and environmental responsibility as concept whereby companies voluntarily integrate social and environmental concerns in their business activities and contacts with other interested parties. The corporate social and environmental responsibility extends beyond full compliance with the legal obligations of the company, investing more in human resources, environment and relationships with stakeholders. The corporate responsibility starts as mentality, behavior and action from within the company and expands outwards, covering the society in which it operates but also the whole planet, since it draws from it resources and rejects them back.

Our vision is the business world to move actively into the effective protection and restoration of the natural environment. The CYCERE envisions a future in which businesses will have an environmental friendly policy and will contribute positively to the welfare of the society and the planet, promoting at the same times both environmental and business sustainability.

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