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Dr. Despina Martidou Forcier (Director of the Department Higher and Tertiary Education)

It is with great pleasure I have received the publication and the Environmental Education Programmes of CYCERE on the occasion of the celebrations for the Centres 10 years of operation. The Holy Bishopry of Limassol is worth of praise and my warm congratulations for its work.

Through studying the Programme Guide of CYCERE it is ascertained how harshly the Holy Bishopry of Limassol has worked for the establishment of the Centre and how zealous it wants to offer its services unselfishly on such an important issue as the Environment.

The Environment is an affair for all of us. It concerns our lives, the future of ours and of our children. I want to believe that our students as also older people through their visits to the Centre acquire important knowledge on nature and also awareness on what surrounds us. The demanding times we live require citizens that are conscious, determined and active with knowledge and responsibility.

The environmentally-friendly attitude is a chapter considered an attitude of life. This is why it should constantly be open providing us an obligation of respect for the environment. An open chapter like all the obligations we have as citizens. An attitude towards the environment is a measure of Education and Culture for every society.

It is our suggestion the Centre is becoming known also to foreign schools as for more visits to be arranged. Combined with the warm hospitality of our people, it would be ideal for the promotion of Cyprus.

Once again I warmly congratulate you and continue to support your virtuous work.

Dr. Despina Martidou Forcier
Director of the Department Higher and Tertiary Education