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Educational Team

The Educational Team of Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) involved:

Mr Giorgos Georgiou
(Vice President of CYCERE – Coordinator of Primary Education Actions)

Dr. Andreas Hadjichambis
(Secretary – Scientific Director of CYCERE)

Dr. Demetra Hadjichambi
(Consultant – Responsible of Environmental Education Programs of CYCERE)

Dr. Yiannis Georgiou
(Counselor – Responsible of Research Sector)

Mr Elias Elia
(General Treasurer of CYCERE)

Mr Antonis Polydorou
(Responsible for Health and Safety of CYCERE & Coordinator of “Kids’ Club” of CYCERE)

Mrs Dimitris Sazos
(Environmental Educator – Researcher)

Ms Georgia Savva
(Environmental Educator – Researcher)

Elena Perikleous