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The Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) provides valid environmental knowledge, programs and opportunities to improve our quality of life as well as the health of our planet. Working with a network of experts and educational researchers, we create dynamic partnerships so as to promote daily actions that will help people to live better, protecting and enjoying a healthy environment.

The recognition of CYCERE’s contribution is revealed through its awarding with the Cyprus Award of Environmental Education 2010.

Vraveio perivallontikis ekpaideusis

Evolution of our Education

For years, the participation of teachers and students in the environmental education programs provided has built a community of students and teachers who appreciate and integrate environmental teaching in their classrooms. Through our programs we promote a new educational approach which is focused on students and is consistent with the principles and the philosophy of the environmental education and the education for sustainability.

Simply and plainly, the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education develops an innovative and courageous path of awareness and responsibility, of education and consciousness, of knowledge and action towards our environment which “suffers and struggles”.  

  • It has hosted thousands of students from all over Cyprus that have participated in its environmental education programs.


  • It has created a pioneer exhibition educational material of environmental education.
  • It has developed and published innovative educational material.It has organized a series of successful actions like events, seminars and conferences.
  • It participates in competitive research programs.It collaborates with the University of Cyprus and other universities in Cyprus and abroad..

Promoting ecological habits in our daily life

Every decision we take either individual or within our family, at work or at school has a significant impact on the natural environment. Our daily habits will determine how the planet we live will be, and what environment we will deliver to the next generation. So it is up to us to protect our natural environment, starting from changing our habits.

Useful advises regarding the adoption of ecological habits in our daily lives are given daily to all the listeners of the radio broadcast of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education “Look at the Environment” hosted at the radio station of the Holy Church of Limassol. Helpful tips are also given on the website of CYCERE

Awareness about the wetlands

The Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) organizes the Pancyprian Celebration of the World Wetlands Day. While highlighting the important issue regarding the protection of the Wetlands, CYCERE contributes in informing and raising the consciousness of the public, it motivates volunteers and encourages initiatives.