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The land of the Salt Lakes – Aims of the program

The aims of the Environmental Education Program “The land of the Salt Lakes” are:


  1. To learn and to get familiarized with the salt lake habitats of the Akrotiri Salt Lake.
  2. To observe how the salinity of the soil effects the zoning oh the vegetation.
  3. To explore the adaptive characteristics of the flora found on the salt marshes that make it resistant to salinity
  4. To investigate the relationship between biotic and abiotic factors as well as their seasonal changes.
  5. To study the fauna of the salt lake and the food relationships between the organisms encountered there.
  6. To develop the ability of critical thinking through the exploration of the anthropogenic pressures and threats.
  7. To realize of the ecological importance of the Salt Lake for the migratory birds and to develop positive attitudes and values.