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Christos Hadjiathanasiou (Director Of Primary Education)

I am delighted to welcome the multifaceted action of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE). It is my strong belief that the Environmental Education Centres contribute in particular to the achievement of the objectives of the Ministry of Education and Culture as they have been developed in the Environmental Education / Education for Sustainable Development curricula (EE / ESD)

Targeting is clear and common and is about the development of citizens with knowledge and scientific information, with broad open mind and critical thinking, with autonomy and liberal spirit, citizens empowered by collective conscience and a vision for the future, a vision that leads them to action and effective and fruitful participation. The ultimate goal is the emergence of citizens who will live and act with respect for nature and man through Environmental Education.

The restoration of the relationship between humans and the environment, the safeguarding of quality upgraded societies, through personal action and participation, within a school open to society and its problems, is a fundamental and essential demand of our time.

The benefits of children participating in programmes at Environmental Education Centres are many and quite important. They identify and understand the underlying environmental problems, the causes and the ways in which they can help to deal with them. The main advantage of participation is action in the field, within an experiential context.

The contribution of independent bodies involved in Environmental Education, either in the field of research or in the field of education, is particularly valuable. The Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE), the Holy Bishopry of Limassol, contributes substantially in this direction with its many years of operation which is highly appreciated. 

Christos Hadjiathanasiou

Director Of Primary Education

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