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Strategy of collaboration with business

Our vision is the promotion of the business world into an effective restoration of the natural environment while promoting social welfare and protecting the environmental and business sustainability of the enterprises themselves. The accomplishment of this vision will be promoted through the cooperation and mobilization of business of the CYCERE.

The CYCERE is convinced that the business community has the ability to offer one of the most effective ways of finding sustainable solutions to the pressing environmental challenges worldwide. Priority is given to the so-called high environmental impact companies whose ecological footprint requires immediate attention and action.

Through the cooperation of CYCERE and the local business our benefits will be mutual. Through such a partnership the companies could obtain specific environmental knowledge and an understanding of the changing expectations of our society. On the other hand the CYCERE has much to gain from a better understanding of how businesses operate and of the problems faced by the industry into its effort to minimize the environmental damage.

Nevertheless, the CYCERE does not get involved in a sponsorship relationship with any business which does not meet the minimum criteria for corporate responsibility as hygiene (products, workplaces, etc.), rights of workers, compliance with the regulatory and legislative framework, and so on. In contrast, the engagement of  CYCERE into any form of cooperation with companies is examined in greater details, taking into account all the above and the circumstances of any possible cooperation with the business.

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