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Federation of Environmental Organizations of Cyprus (NGO)


As an indication of recognising the most important work carried out by the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education of the Holy Bishopry of Limassol, I would like to send you the following comments on the occasion of completing the 10 years of the Centre’s operation.

First of all, I would like to express the admiration and thanks of FEOC for the tremendous work that has been done over these 10 years and which year by year is evolving for better, leaving promising notes for the future of environmental education in Cyprus.

The design and development of your programmes, which are completely free of charge, are, in our opinion, laudable, cover the range of all levels of education, and are in line with the modern principles of Environmental Education and Sustainability Education. The programs themselves are a pole of attraction for thousands of students and teachers, as evidenced by CYCERE statistics.

At the same time, the excellent work performed is also evident from the various awards gained during this productive decade. So I would like to congratulate you both for your award with the Pancyprian Environmental Education Award for 2010 and also for the recent awarded well-organized website of the Centre’s in 2013 with the 1st Pan-Hellenic Award in the 6th Greek-language Educational Sites Contest. It would be a breach of me not to mention your radio broadcasts that have a huge impact on the Cypriot audience. As a closure of the well organised radiobroadcasts is the award from the Cyprus Broadcasting Authority in 2005.

The FEOC congratulates you on the very important and commendable work done in the fields of environmental education, research and information. CYCERE is a valuable partner for FEOC, since during these 10 years of the Centre’s operation we have had the opportunity to cooperate in various events, celebrations and campaigns.

Finally, I wish you continue the important work that you have been doing for several decades yet, building on your brilliant course so far. Our island and our world in general require environmentally conscious citizens and a new generation that builts the world of tomorrow based on optimistic prospects for the future of the planet.

Yours sincerely,

From the Federation of Environmental Organizations of Cyprus (NGO)