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The Center


Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education is located at the farm of St. Nicolas, which is situated in the Akrotiri Peninsula. For the exact location of the center you can consult the following map.

Map – Directions

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CYCERE has been developed based on modern standards and by drawing experiences from equivalent foreign centres. Its facilities include:

Educational exhibition material for environmental education

CYCERE, has been a pioneer in Cyprus in developing educational exhibition material for environmental education that groups of students and teachers have the ability to use. It is located in a special exhibition area in the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education.


Students through interactive posters not only attend but at the same time interact with the exhibits, through games, experiments, natural habitat representations, progressive discoveries of information, etc.

  • The material created is directly related to curricula of Primary and Secondary education in Cyprus. It encourages exploration and discovery and at the same time it enhances the senses. It provokes, motivates, inspires and sometimes surprises the students.

It aims at contributing into the development of environmentally literate citizens owning knowledge, values and positive attitudes towards the environment.

The educational exhibition material of CYCERE is organized into three sections:

  • Natural Environment of the Akrotiri Peninsula
  • History, Culture, Tradition of the Akrotiri Peninsula
  • Environmental issues – Individual and Collective Action

Projection – Conference Room


In this well organized room a relevant documentary on the flora, fauna and ecosystems of the Akrotiri Peninsula is projected. This short film reveals the area’s rich biodiversity, its high environmental value and the need for protecting and conserving it.

Educational nature paths


Well-designed natural paths aim in helping the students understand some biological terms and phenomena as well as raising their environmental consciousness.

Wildlife watching stations


Unique observatories as to study the wildlife and especially the significant bird populations of the Bishops Pool as well as of the nearby landscapes.

Ecology Laboratory


ΤThe well-equipped laboratory of environmental education (biology) can contribute into the laboratory study of students and researchers as to provide them with more information and understanding about the environmental features of the peninsula.

Organic Olive grove

kikpee_kentro_viologikos_elaionas2Organic olive tree cultivation with no use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Botanical garden with plants of Cyprus


The botanical garden with plants of Cyprus enables the visitors to familiarize themselves with the uncultivated, endemic, aromatic and rare plants of Cyprus flora.

Truffle cultivation


Pioneering cultivation of truffles (a sort of underground mushroom) grown in symbiosis with the roots of olive trees of organic farming.