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‘In-School Vegetable gardens’ Competition

CYCERE completion themed ‘In-school Vegetable Gardens’ for the school year 2016-2017

As known, vegetables are a key element in our daily diet and perhaps the most important. In recent years there has been a shift towards organic farming and the purchasing of organic and biological products.

Baring this in mind and with the thought on the fact that children are now increasingly turning away from fruits and vegetables, the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) of the Holy Bishopry of Limassol contributes in every way to the efforts of showing the benefits of cultivating and consuming organic vegetables.

Within this context, CYCERE announces a Student Competition themed “In-School Vegetable Gardens” in collaboration with the Yannis Theodorou Nurseries LTD. All Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education schools of the City and District of Limassol can participate in the competition.

This competition is an effort for the students to:

  • Discover arable plant species suitable for planting in vegetable gardens.
  • Discover the beneficial properties of eating the vegetables grown by them.
  • Create a suitable ground for planting their plants.
  • Develop creative skills to create an admirable vegetable garden.
  • Take individual and collective action to maintain and care for the vegetable garden.

Competition rules

  • All Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education schools of the City and District of Limassol can participate in the competition.
  • The competition concerns both newly-established and pre-existing vegetable gardens located within the school premises.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Vegetable garden organisation: The vegetable garden is well organized and structured e.g. the plants in the vegetable garden are placed by category.
  • Appearance: the vegetable garden presents impressive appearance, e.g. various decorative elements, information about plants, etc. are used
  • Variety of species: the vegetable garden has a wide variety of species and is not limited to just one species e.g. one part of the garden is occupied by lettuces, a different part with tomatoes and so on.
  • Management plan: the students in collaboration with the teachers have recorded and implement a management plan for the vegetable garden aiming at the long-term preservation of it e.g. there is a documented programme implemented by the students regarding the watering, caring and disposal of the vegetable garden harvest
  • Events / involvement of local community:the students implement local community awareness activities for their vegetable garden e.g. they create brochures / posters to inform parents, etc.
  • General: collaborative spirit and teamwork of students e.g. students from different classes and different age groups are involved.


Evaluation Criteria Board for the Competition



Time schedule

The schools participating in the Competition must:

  • Complete and submit the application form by 25/10/2016 at the latest via:

fax: 25335682, 25954901

e-mail: [email protected],  [email protected]

  • Receive free seedlings for the creation or enrichment of the vegetable gardens from 25/10/2016 until 01/11/11 from:

Yannis Theodorou Nurseries LTD’, Trion Ierarchon 10, 4520 Parekklisia, Limassol. Τel.: 25634308, 99512523  

  • The evaluation of the vegetable gardens will be carried out with on-the-spot review by CYCERE’s officers after communicating with the school between 05/12/2016 – 23/12/2016.

The teachers participating can attend a Training Seminar if they wish so, that will be offered by the Research Team of Environmental Education of the University of Cyprus (Coordinator Dr. Kostas Korfiatis) as to be provided with relevant educational material.

In addition, the student groups can participate in the Environmental Education Program of CYCERE’s “Vegetable gardens: Reflection – Collaboration – Action”. This program was developed by the Environmental Education Research Team of the University of Cyprus and activities were selected and adapted to meet the conditions of CYCERE. This programme promotes the cultivation of exploration skills with on-site field studies, conceptual understanding and environmental sensitization of students about the development and caring of a vegetable garden through a holistic approach and experiential learning. The methodological approaches adopted are interwoven with the principles and philosophy of Environmental Education and Sustainability Education, while promoting team spirit and collaboration.
To participate in this programme, please fill out the application form as soon as possible and send it via fax to 25335682.

Implementation of the Educational Seminar «In-School Vegetable gardens»

On Saturday, 10/12/2016, the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) of the Holy Bishopry of Limassol successfully completed the Educational Seminar on In-School Vegetable Gardens, in collaboration with the Research Environmental Education Team of the University of Cyprus. The seminar was attended by mainly Primary, Secondary and Pre-school education teachers.

After the Welcoming – Greeting Speech by the Scientific Director of CYCERE Dr. Andreas Hadjichambis, followed by Greeting and Introduction to the Seminar by the Associate Professor of the Department of Education Sciences of the University of Cyprus Dr. Kostas Korfiatis. Mrs. Stella Petrou, SPD of the Department of Educational Sciences of the University of Cyprus developed the subject of the Training Seminar.

The participating teachers had the opportunity to be informed and to deal with issues related to:

  1. the pedagogical value of In-School Vegetable Gardens,
  2. the stages of creating an In-School Vegetable Gardens,
  3. ideas for the pedagogical use of a In-School Vegetable Gardens, and
  4. the importance and ideas of linking In-School Vegetable Gardens to the school community and the wider society of the school and its environment.

The teachers attending the Training Seminar also had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Bishops Pool and to be informed about its importance as the last fresh water body in Cyprus, which makes it a habitat of high ecological value for both migratory birds as well as the vultures of the area.

All the teachers who participated will have access to the educational material “In-School Vegetable Gardens: Reflection – Collaboration – Action “.

Presentation of the Training Seminar

Photos from the Training Seminar:






During the 2nd Phase of the Competition students used pedagogically the In-school Vegetable Gardens in various subjects of the curriculum and used the vegetables to support the poor students of their schools as well as the social groceries of their community. The involvement of the community and the parents of the students in both planting and caring of the vegetables is also thought to be important.

Results of the Pancyprian Competition “In-School Vegetable Gardens”

The awarded schools are:

1st’ PRIZE: ‘Iamatiki’ Regional Primary School

2nd’ PRIZE: ΙΗ’ Primary School of Limassol

3rd’ PRIZE: Parekklisia Primary School

3rd PRIZE: Thekleio Gymnasium 

1st’ Praise: ΚΗ’ Primary School Kato Polemidia

2nd’ Praise: Episkopi Gymnasium

3rd’ Praise: Pano Kivides Kindergarten

Photos from the awarded schools:


Press release for the results of the Pancyprian Competition ‘In-School Vegetable Gardens’