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Urban gardens: Green corners in our city – Description of the program

Program description

This program is performed within the school premises or in the surrounding area and it involves CYCERE’s Environmental Educators visiting the school unit periodically as to provide information and guidance for developing the urban garden. It is organised in such a way as to support the understanding of environmental concepts and to allow implementing activities during the whole academic year as for the students to better comprehend the importance and richness of the urban garden they designed.

Basic steps of the program

Initially, the Environmental Group of the school involving both students and teachers is selected and organised as to be in charge of the development of the urban garden. Researching for and selecting the area inside or nearby the school premises where the garden will be established follows and afterwards planning of the garden and management of the area and the soil take place. 

Then, the students are asked to select the seeds / seedlings to be planted based on the information and evidence provided for the requirements, the needs and the adjustments of the plants.

The students are then split into small groups and planting of the garden and development in general begins.  CYCERE is responsible for coordinating the student groups and to organise the activities in collaboration with the school.

After the planting is completed, the students are asked to think about the maintenance of the garden by answering questions (such as: How often should each plant species be watered? What is the best way to eliminate weeds? What is the importance of gardens for our life?) as to adopt environmental friendly maintaining practices for their garden.  The program is evaluated after it’s finished. It is worth to be mentioned that the schools participating in this program are awarded with the Green Flag ‘Urban Gardens: green neighbourhoods in my town’ that can be raised in their garden or their school.

At the end, a valuation of the program takes place

Note: The schools, which participate in this Environmental Education Program are being awarded with the Green FlagUrban gardens: Green corners in our city, which can be placed in their school unit.

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