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Pancyprian Environmental Awards for Organizations and Businesses – EnvAwards

The Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) recognizing that all organizations and businesses can have a direct or indirect impact on the local, regional and, consequently, the global environment, aims at the emergence of Organizations / Businesses that have developed and adopted environmentally friendly policies as they contribute in activities and actions to protect the environment.

The awards are co-organized by the CYCERE and the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment and under the auspices of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), the Association of Employers and Industrialists (OEB), the Cyprus Tourism Businesses Association (STEK), the Organization of Professional Women Entrepreneurs of Limassol.

For the above cause the following three (3) Awards are awarded to Organizations / Businesses complying the purposes and conditions set by CECERE*:

  1. Bronze Environment Protector
  2. Silver Environment Protector
  3. Gold Environment Protector


The Bronze Environment Protector Award is awarded to an organization/business that has drawn up an environmental policy, either autonomously or in cooperation with CYCERE, and has as a permanent aim the respect for the environment. At the same time through its actions, it promotes the environmental awareness and awakening of its visitors/clients.



The Silver Environment Protector Award is awarded to the organization/business, whose main purpose is the protection and rational management of the natural environment, by taking actions that contribute to the environmental consciousness of its visitors/customers. It has also conducted more than one environmental policy, either autonomously or in collaboration with CYCERE, by promoting the development of environmental practices aimed at reducing the negative impact of man on nature.


The Gold Environment Protector Award is awarded to the organization/business which manages environmental issues as an integral part of its operational policy, by establishing practices and actions that preserve the natural environment. In addition, it reduces the consumption of natural resources through the adoption of appropriate best techniques, thus contributing to sustainable development. It also undertakes actions for the environmental upgrading of its premises and in the context of its social responsibility, it strengthens in various ways the local environmental agents.



More information can be found on the Informative sheet attached.




Here can be found the Level and Criteria of Award for Bronze, Silver and Gold Environment Protector Award.


Registration Stage
Initially, the Organization / Business must register for participation by completing the Application Form.







Subscription Stage

As a second step, you will have to pay the subscription fee for the prize that your organization/business wishes to join. The assistance is symbolic and necessary to cover the costs of Administrative and Scientific Support.

Subscription stage 
Afterwards, the subscription as an Organization or Business should be submitted according to the award you wish to be considered candidates. The fees are considered symbolic and are required for covering the expenses of the Administrative and Scientific support.

Documentation stage 
For submitting all the required documents for supporting your candidacy in the chosen Award, you must submit the “Documentation of Activities” file.

Support Stage 
During this stage, CYCERE will provide Scientific and Administrative support as for you to perform all the activities required for obtaining the Award selected.

Evaluation Stage 
After completing all the required actions, Evaluation from the Evaluation Scientific Committee will follow. Attached you can find the “Evaluation” files for the three awards, and the Self-Evaluation file of the Organization/Business.

Award Stage 
The final stage, a special award ceremony will be held to award the Pancyprian Prize, which features the performance of a Special Logo and Special Medal by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis. 

Maps of Cyprus with Environmental Protectors Award for Organizations and Business over the last three years (2017 – 2018 -2019)

Photo gallery from the last Presidential Awards Ceremony:

You can download the photos from the Award Ceremony by clicking on the link below:


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