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Students’ page

Welcome to the WebPage of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) for children. In this page you can find a number of WebQuests, through which, by following a process of exploration, you will discover a number of interesting issues. 




The following WebQuests and Environmental Fairytales are all in Greek language

For third grade students:


“Travels in the Flower Country”
Travel in the Flower Country and learn about the magical world of flowers.


From the flower to the fruit
Travel with Maya, Axel and Andy inside a flower and find out what holds a flower.


“Cycles of Life”
How does the life of a plant look like? Follow Sandy, Andrew, John and Peter
and learn with them about the life cycles of plants.

Learn about all the things that plants offer us and then use your
knowledge to solve the spell in order to avoid damaging the plants.

For fourth grade students:
Meet the green detectives and collaborate with them
to solve the task “CY 143-Endemic plants”
For fifth grade students:
Where goes the water that Mrs. Elpida
puts in her pots?

Help Sophocles and Nefeli to solve this curious case in order to help their mother.

“Problems in the Sun City”
Learn about the issue that the residents of Sun City have to cope with,
and help them make a decision.

Adaptations of plants to drought

Help Chloe and her classmates to make a garden for their school.
For sixth grade students & high school students:

 “The time machine”

Help the crazy scientist Phyllobius Green to accomplish his risky mission.
Travel with the time machine and change the future.
“Desicion about the new road”

Help the villagers of Sunshine to make decisions
about the new road that will take place in their village.




1. The blue island

2. What scorching weather!

3. Let me tell you a secret about the environment

4. Together!

5. Blossom lane

6. Hope for the Kayakos

7. Imagine and draw a better environment with Tom

8. A present for Mpiloulou

9. Four seasons