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Environmental Education

From the very first year of its foundation, the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education, successfully applies Environmental Education Programs. These are full-day programs and consist of various phases which examine a series of modules with a great variety of teaching methods.

  • Environmental education of students and visitors of the Akrotiri peninsula on the ecological value of the natural environment and other environmental issues.
  • Development and implementation of Environmental Education Programs for Pre-primary Primary and Secondary Education schools visiting CYCERE
  • Training on material included in the curricula of the various courses of Elementary and Secondary Education with an experiential approach.
  • Raising the awareness of young people on issues concerning the environment in order to develop attitudes and participative behaviors that will contribute to the protection of the ecological balance and the quality of life and will ensure sustainable development.
  • Supporting of Environmental Education Programmes of schools.
  • Already since its establishment, CYCERE has put particular emphasis on the production of innovative educational material (printed, audiovisual, etc.) and pilot programmes-guides for schools.

The interest from both Primary and Secondary schools is very high. Hundreds of schools from all regions of Cyprus, have so far participated in the CYCERE’s Environmental Education Programmes.  Thousands of students and hundreds of teachers visit the Environmental Center annualy.

The reviews and comments from the students and the teachers accompanying them regarding the originality and thoroughness of the programmes and for the educational methodological course followed are very encouraging and positive.

Schools from all over Cyprus are invited to visit the Environmental Center and attend the unique environmental education programs offered after completing and send the appropriate form and contact the Centre’s directors, biologists Dr. Andreas Hadjichambi and Demetra Paraskeva – Hadjichambi. The Environmental education programs are offered for free.

Visit the for CYCERE’s Environmental Education Programmes pages and sign up your class or your group.

For further information, please send contact via email: [email protected]