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3rd Pancyprian Student Conference for the Environment and Sustainability

The 3rd Pancyprian Student Conference for the Environment and Sustainability was held with great success at the Seminars Hall of the Holy Bishopry of Limassol, Ellados str. and Enoseos str. corner on the 18th of March 2017, 9:00 – 13:00.

The Conference was organized by the Physical / Biology / Geography Inspectorate of the Directorate for Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) of the Holy Bishopry of Limassol. In addition, the Conference was held under the auspices of the Honorable Minister of Education and Culture, Dr Kostas Kadis. The conference was attended by the Commissioner for the Environment, Mrs. Ioanna Panagiotou.  The Agias Phylaxeos Lyceum was the co-ordinating school of the conference as for communicating with student groups and teachers.

Collaborating agents for the successful implementation of the conference were the Cyprus University Environmental Education Research Team, Frederick University School of Education, Cyprus Technological University Department of Environmental Science and Technology, CYMEPA – Friends of

the sea, the Biological Society of Cyprus,  the Association of Biologists of OELMEK. The Agias Phylaxeos Lyceum was the co-ordinating school of the conference and great sponsor was the Limassol Co-operative Bank.    

At the 3rd Pancyprian Student Conference for the Environment and Sustainability, more than 650 students and 100 coordinating teachers participated. More specifically, at the conference, 90 student groups from over 70 high schools from all over Cyprus presented the environmental projects that they designed and produced during the school year 2016-2017 in the form of scientific posters and oral presentations.

The projects were under 13 thematic areas: Sustainable Living, Waste, Urban Development, Biodiversity, Forestry, Energy, Climate Change, Transport, Water, Production and Consumption, Environment and Culture, Environment and Health, Poverty.

The objectives of the 3rd Pancyprian Conference for the Environment and Sustainability were to promote the goal of the year associated to improving the learning outcomes achieved on the basis of cooperation and solidarity between pupils and teachers, the ability to share  projects related to the Environment and Sustainability and the dissemination of information, experiences and methods, the cultivation of active citizenship and the linking of schools with the community and other collaborating organizations, cultivating of creativity, critical thinking and reflective knowledge management, the ability to associate theory to practice, the collective work and democratic interference in social activities with the aim of making the necessary changes to create a future based on sustainable conditions and principles .

The main objective of the conference was to inform and raise awareness on the environment for particularly the new generation, as agents of change and hope for the planet that is intended to be more sustainable, maintaining environmentally friendly policies.

During the conference hundreds of participants shouted the slogan of the conference “The planet is in our hands” embracing a huge globe. The conference was completed with the feeling of individual and collective responsibility for environmental protection inspiring everyone.

The distinguished students of the Better Oral Presentation Competition of the Conference are:

1st Prize

Agias Phylaxeos Lyceum: The «green fuel» through the lens of Sustainability

Student group: Despina Hajihambis, Demetra Alexandrou, Eleana Kitsiou, Constantina Ioannou, Andrea Antoniou, Stylianos Tsolakis, Anastasia Andreou, Vasiliki Evagorou, Aggelos Ioannou, Phoevos Florides, Andreas Keravnos, Elena Panayi, Yiannis Kyriakou, Erineos Kyriakou, Takis Panayiotou, Diogenis Louka, Ifigenia Galanou, Sofia Sarri

Coordinating teacher: Demetra Hadjihambi

2nd Prize

Verginas Lyceum: Spin the pedal, others will come

Student group: Yianna Tsilides, Anastasia Pierides, Eleni Lyristi, Maria Vasou, Loukas Limistiras, Nectaria Christodoulou, Marios Georgopoulos, Ioannis Vikis, Charalambos Christodoulou, Zafiro Chajigeorgiou, Demetra Chadjicharalambous, Terezia Cosma, Ioanna Constandinou, Demetra Leonidou, Maria Charpa, Victoras Christophides, Panayiotis Chajioannou, Eleni Stephanidou, Stylianos Savva, Marina Nicolaou

Coordinating teacher: Charis Georgaki Pieri

3d Prize

Regional Xylofagou Gymnasium: Management of domestic waste – Recycling – Composting – Investigation of knowledge and opinions

Student group: Mariam Panayi, Damianos Chadjigeorgiou, Victoria Theodorou, Margarita Christodoulou

Coordinating teachers: Georgios Lazou, Constantinos Yiotas, Antonis Georgiou

The distinguished students of the Better Scientific Poster Competition of the Conference are:

1st Prize

Archbishop Makarios the Third LyceumDasoupoli: The change of ecological footprint of the school for a contemporary sustainable school

Student group: Theodosios Ioannou, Nicolas Stavrou, Sozomenos Apostolides, Eleonora Aggelidou, Andreas Georgiou, Andia Taliadorou, Melanie Gerasioti, Chara Avraamidou, Panayiota

Coordinating teacher: Michalis Papastamatopoulos

2nd Prize

Episkopi Gymnasium: Climate change. The environment is in your hands. Take action….

Student group: Aristothea Ioannou, Demetra Socratous, Maria Papadopoulou, Georgia Panayi, Nayia Paggera, Maria Constantinou, Soteris Veronikis, Alexandra Theodoulou, Christothea Demetriou 

Coordinating teachers: Anastasia Onisiforou, Elena zavrou

3d Prize

Evriviadio Gymnasium: Water = Life

Student group: Aggeliki Perikleous, Theodora Gavriel, Constantinos Demetropoulos, Fanis Christou, Anna Philippidou, Katerina Hdjigeorgiou

Coordinating teacher: Maria Chrysostomou, Roumiana Lilli

   fb  Results from the Best Scientific Poster and Best Oral Presentation Competitions 

The prizes will be awarded on the Awarding Ceremony organised by the Physical / Biology / Geography Inspectorate of the Directorate for Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture by the end of June


Guidelines for making the Scientific Poster
Participation form
Programme with the projects of the Conference
Student groups Scientific Posters
Press conference
Footage from the TV channel Sigma

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