Clean Up the Med

The Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) in collaboration with the UNEP / MAP (United Nations Environmental Programme – Mediterranean Action Plan), the Legambiente and other environmental organizations in Cyprus organized and supported with great success an event focusing on the cleaning of Lady’s mile beach–a beach which was highlighted this year across the Mediterranean.


Hundreds of students from the schools of Limassol and dozens of volunteers took part in cleaning the beach and they sent the message across that we would like to preserve the Mediterranean coastal environment clean and healthy. It also worth-mentioning that the event has motivated and activated the greatest number of volunteers in Cyprus so far.


The event was attended, among others, by representatives of UNEP / MAP, of the Legambiente, of the ministries of the Cyprus Republic and of the Cyprus environmental organizations. The event was also attended by the Bishop of Limassol Mr. Athanasios, who stressed the importance of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education and its contribution into the environmental education and information of the public and particularly of school children, promoting the protection of the environment.


The Scientific Director of CYCERE, Dr Andreas Hadjihambis stated that “Although the coast of Cyprus is among the cleanest in Europe, there are a lot that could be done in order to sensitize the public so as to  keep our coasts clean in the future. The population growth near the coasts, the building of our coasts and the development of financial activities on them require from as to be on alert”.

CYCERE thanks all the students who participated and their schools (American Academy of Limassol, Primary school of Ypsonas, Palladium, Primary School of St. Athanasios and Greek School of Pascal) as well as  the co-organizers: the Cyprus Federation (CYMEPA), the Ecological Movement of Cyprus, the Young Ecologists and all the volunteers for their contribution into the cleaning of the Lady’s mile beach and the Mediterranean environment in general.

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