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Enhancement of cooperation between the Cyprus University of Technology – CYCERE for Environmental Citizenship

Enhancement of cooperation between the Cyprus University of Technology

CYCERE for Environmental Citizenship

The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) and the Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) of the Holy Metropolis of Limassol renewed on Monday, February 11, the cooperation protocol which they have maintained over the last 5 years in scientific, educational and environmental issues.

The two organizations jointly support the strategic prioritization of environmental education, research and education. The CUT has a Department of Environmental Science and Technology and it has systematically adopted a systematic environmental policy and has been awarded the Pancyprian Award, among others, as a Gold Environmental Protectior (2018). The CYCERE has developed remarkable work through environmental education and environmental awareness programs.

The CYCERE has so far been in a multidimensional collaboration with the Department of Environmental Science, Technology, Multimedia and Graphic Arts and Communication and Internet Studies of the CUT. In addition to the exchange of know-how and joint scientific publications by experts from both institutions, the CUT and CYCERE are jointly involved in relevant research programs and networks such as the ENEC – Cost Action CA16229, which aims to improve the understanding and assessment of Environmental Policies in European societies and participating countries. It should be noted that environmental citizenship is a key factor in the EU’s development strategy (Europe 2020) and its vision for sustainable development, the green and cyclical economy, and the low carbon society (EU Roadmap 2050). The “Green Cities Cyprus Awards” is another institution that is an initiative of the CYCERE in cooperation with the Commissioner for the Environment, supported by the CUT.

The modest ceremony for the renewal of the agreement took place in the Rectorate building in the presence of academics, researchers (Dr Andri Ioannou, Dr Ioannis Byridis, Dr Yannis Georgiou) and administrative staff of the University (Mr Andreas Dionysiou, Mr Dionisis Kazamias, Mrs Nia Evagorou) as well as members of the Board of the University (Mr Takis Gavrielidis and Mr Savvas Antonios). There were also members of the Board of Directors of CYCERE (Mrs Evanthia Charalambous) and Officers of CYCERE (Mrs Anna Elpidophorou and Mrs Maria Georgiou). On the CUT side, the memorandum was signed by the Rector Professor Dr Andreas Anagiotos, and from the CYCERE the President, Bishop Amathus, Mr Nicholas. For the importance of the cooperation CYCERE – CUT also spoke out of the signatories of the Memorandum, Professor Dr Theodoros Zachariadis, Dean of the School of Geotechnical Sciences and Environmental Management on behalf of CUT and Dr Andreas Hadjichambis on behalf of CYCERE. 

CUT and CYCERE also agreed to strengthen their cooperation for the years 2019-2024 further, with co-organizations and programs of Environmental Education for pupils and students, and actions of environmental innovation.

Source:  www.paideianews.com

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