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Radio Broadcast

The Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education in cooperation with the Radio Channel “Kanali 6” (98,6 FM) of the Holy Church of Limassol daily presents the broadcast “Environment for All”, which deals with environmental issues. The broadcast is organized and presented by the Biologists – Environmentalists Dr. Andreas Hadjichambis and Dr. Demetra Paraskeva-Hadjichambi. The program broadcasts daily (Monday – Friday) at 8:40 a.m and it lasts for 5 minutes.

Below you can find short environmental articles, relating to the presentation of environmental issues.

Species of September 2019

Name: Bonelli’s eagle Scientific name: Hieraaetus fasciatus Family: Accipitridae       General information The Bonelli Eagle (Spezaetus) or as it is known in Cyprus, Perticosynchino is a rare eagle that lives permanently in Cyprus and has a special place among bird lovers. It’s Scientific name is Hieraaetus fasciatus. Description It is a ...

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Publication: Antibiotics in livestock: introducing in-service teachers to the nature of contemporary socio-scientific controversies

Eleni A. Kyza, Yiannis Georgiou, Andreas Hadjichambis and Andria Agesilaou Abstract: This article presents an experiential activity organised around a contemporary socio-scientific controversy about the use of antibiotics in livestock. Such controversies can help students develop skills to engage in evidence-based discussions about modern societal challenges. Even though the activity ...

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Publication: New thinking in environmental citizenship

Dr Andreas Hadjichambis and Professor Pedro Reis The European Network for Environmental Citizenship (ENEC) is changing the way we think about how citizens behave in respect to the environment. The Network’s efforts is helping to forge a more sustainable future based on environmental citizenship. Dr Andreas Hadjichambis and Professor Pedro ...

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Publication: Investigating the Effectiveness of an Inquiry-Based Intervention on Human Reproduction in Relation to Students’ Gender, Prior Knowledge and Motivation for Learning in Biology

Andreas Ch. Hadjichambisa, Yiannis Georgioub, Demetra Paraskeva-Hadjichambia, Eleni A. Kyzab & Demetrios Mappourasa Abstract Despite the importance of understanding how the human reproductive system works, adolescents worldwide exhibit weak conceptual understanding, which leads to serious risks, such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Studies focusing on the development and ...

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Publication: Environmental citizenship research and the European Network for Environmental Citizenship

Andreas Ch. Hadjichambis, Pedro Reis, Demetra Hadjichambi Abstract By way of an introduction to environmental citizenship, it is a very important concept for the protection of the environment and the success of any environmental policies being pursued. This relatively new term comes mainly from the political science arena but has ...

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Publication: Active Citizens: Evaluation of a Community-Based Education Program

Petra Simonova 1, Jan Cincera 1,* , Roman Kroufek 2 , Sarka Krepelkova 1 and Andreas Hadjichambis 3 Abstract This study analyses the Active Citizens program conducted in seven Czech elementary schools in 2017/2018. The data were obtained in a mixed-design research study containing pre/post experimental/control groups (N = 114), ...

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Publication: Promoting RRI and active citizenship in an inquirybased controversial socio-scientific issue: the case of cholesterol regulation with statins

Andreas Ch. Hadjichambis, Yiannis Georgiou, Demetra Paraskeva Hadjichambi, Eleni A. Kyza, Andria Agesilaou & Demetrios Mappouras Abstract Science education is an important dimension of the European Commission’s Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) objectives; however, RRI is not an explicit focus of biology teaching and few biology teachers have experience in ...

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Tree Per Year Every Citizen-One tree per year every citizen

One tree per year every citizen  Commitment of Citizens / Organizations  I become a Volunteer  Declaration of Areas for tree planting Donation of trees / materials Donations Successes Participation Form  For more information visit the website: www.kykpee.org/treeperyear.    

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Species of August 2019

  padding right=”10%” left=”10%”] Name: Lotus Scientific Name: Ziziphus lotus Family: Rhamnaceae   General Inforfmation “Do you think I eat cones”? A phrase derived from the Cypriot tradition used by the speaker when he wants to indicate that he is not easily fooled by what his interlocutor says. But what ...

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Awards for 2018 – 2019

The Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education CYCERE of the Holy Metropolis of Limassol awards for the fourth consecutive year the “Student Award CYCERE for the Environment” for the school year 2018 – 2019. The prize is awarded to students of the last grade, who showed the greatest action ...

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