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Radio Broadcast

The Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education in cooperation with the Radio Channel “Kanali 6” (98,6 FM) of the Holy Church of Limassol daily presents the broadcast “Environment for All”, which deals with environmental issues. The broadcast is organized and presented by the Biologists – Environmentalists Dr. Andreas Hadjichambis and Dr. Demetra Paraskeva-Hadjichambi. The program broadcasts daily (Monday – Friday) at 8:40 a.m and it lasts for 5 minutes.

Below you can find short environmental articles, relating to the presentation of environmental issues.

Award Ceremony for Pancyprian Environmental Awards 2018

AWARD CEREMONY FOR PANCYPRIAN ENVIRONMENTAL AWARDS FOR ORGANIZATIONS & ENTERPRISES AND PANCYPRIAN AWARDS GREEN CITIES & GREEN COMMUNITIES OF CYPRUS 2018   The Award Ceremony of the “Pancyprian Environmental Awards for Organizations & Companies” and the “Pancyprian Awards Green Cities & Green Communities of Cyprus” for 2018 took place on ...

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CYCERE Calendar 2019

The Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) has published the 2019 Calendar, which includes photographic material and scientific information on the Fauna and the Native Flora of Cyprus. The photographs included derive from the photography competition announced by CYCERE in collaboration with the Cyprus Photographic Society (Cyprus) – Limassol ...

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Species of January 2019

Name: Cyprus dwarf hippopotamus Scientific Name: Phanurios Μinor Family: Hippopotamidae     Description The dwarf hippopotamus or the scientific Phanurios minor are one of the oldest mammals in Cyprus, estimated to have arrived on the island 10 to 12 thousand years ago [1,3]. Hippopotamus dwarfs were 1.50 meters long and about 75 cm ...

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Species of 2018

January    Name: Flamingo Scientific name: Phoenicopterus Family: Phoenicopteridae   February   Common Name: Thorny burnet, Pricky Burnet, Brushwood Scientific Name: Sarcopoterium spinosum Family: Rosaceae   March   Common Name: Barn swallow Scientific name: Hirundo rustica Family: Hirundinidae   April   Common Name: Tulip of Akamas Scientific Name: Tulipa akamasica Family: Liliaceae     ...

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Species of December 2018

  Name: Mastic Tree – Schinia Scientific Name: Pistacia lentiscus Family: Anacardiaceae     Description It is an evergreen resinous shrub that can reach up to 4m and has dark green leaves and trunk covered with light brown bark. The flowers of the plant are brown-green [1,3]. Spreading This plant has a wide ...

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Species of November 2018

  Name: Griffon Vulture Scientific Name: Gyps fulvus Family: Accipitridae     Description The Griffon Vulture, as it is called, is the largest bird in our country at about 1 meter in length and opening wings about two and a half meters. Its plumage has a light brown color, while the edges ...

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Species of October 2018

Name: Cyprus Cedra Scientific Name: Cedrus brevifolia Family: Pinaceae   Description The cedar of Cyprus is characterized as an evergreen resin tree that can reach up to 30m in height. Consists of small greenish-needle leaves and brown and red male and female cones respectively. Spreading Its natural spreading area is confined to the ...

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The species of September 2018

Name: Barn owl Scientific name: Tyto alba Family: Tytonidae   Description Barn owl is a light-coloured owl of moderate size. The top of her head, body and wings is golden with white and black specks. The lower part of her body and the wings are white. In another variation, the ...

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The species of August 2018

Name: Walnut Scientific name: Juglans regia Family: Jaguar Description It is a deciduous tree up to 30m high [1,2]. The stem is characterized by a silver-like colour, while the aromatic leaves (25-40 cm length) have mainly dark green colour [2]. Spreading Although it is considered to be a cultivated plant, ...

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