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Getting know with Figo

Hello, here I am in your beautiful company !!!

I just came from a long trip. A trip we make every year for thousands of years on the beautiful island of Cyprus. As you will understand, I am a migratory bird and my migration starts from October to April.

I am a very impressive bird. I have a tall and thin structure with a long sigma neck. I also have two towering ruddy feet. I love the tiny shrimp I find in the salt marshes of Akrotiri and Larnaca and I owe them my pink or reddish color.

Here I met many friends and this year I was pleasantly surprised. They offered me to stay here forever by keeping in touch with the little children who will join a wonderful Kid’s Club. So this year, without losing the opportunity, I decided to stay here forever. Keep you company and have fun together. I love the companionship of young children who love and respect the environment.

CYCERE offered me my own space and in it I will make many friends. Together with my friends we will travel to magical trips of knowledge and adventures. All you have to do is sign up for CYCERE Kid’s Club and the rest will explain it to you afterwards.

Did you find what animal am I?