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New Contemporary Railway of Cyprus

It is time for Cyprus to emphasis on the transportation means by establishing and developing a network or railways that will interlink all cities with all the airports and ports of the country.  

The New Contemporary Railway of Cyprus, above all the advantages providing to inland transportation it can also offer thousands of new work positions and can be an inexpensive, fast and reliable means of transportation for all of us, the environmentally aware citizens and especially the weaker social groups. 

This great project could be implemented through European funds or even through strategic investors, as happened in other major projects such as the marinas, the airports etc.

Support this campaign of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education disseminating and discussing this issue with people from your environment and competent bodies. You can also visit the website developed on Facebook for this purpose titled ‘Νέος Σύγχρονος Κυπριακός Σιδηρόδρομος’ as to add new members, post a relevant article, share other posts and participate in the poll developed for its implementation.

The New Contemporary Railway of Cyprus might seem an unreachable dream but tomorrow it might be a new reality. This is how we can change our country, by implementing our unreachable dreams. It’s in our hands.

We can do it! 


Visit the group “Νέος Σύγχρονος Κυπριακός Σιδηρόδρομος” on facebook and become members by pressing the button “Join Group” at the beginning of the page.

Poll: «Would you like a New Railway of Cyprus to be developed as to interlink all cities, the airports and ports?»

Vote here!


Relative research of the CUT regarding the implementation of a contemporary railway in Cyprus (published in elemesos)



This year’s quote is ‘Smart and Sustainable Transportation – Strong Economy’. But yet the transportation in our country is neither smart nor sustainable. We hope the European Transportation Week of next year will include discussions on the development of a New Contemporary Railway of Cyprus!

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