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Onisiforos Ioannou (First Education Officer)

December 6, 2013


I am referring to your letter on the above subject dated October 14, 2013 and I am sending you the following comments, as a sign of recognition and thanks for the very important work of the Holy Mitropoly of Limassol and especially of CYCERE, on the occasion of the completion of 10 years of operation.

The Orthodox Church, by identifying in time the emerging environmental problems leading to the growing ecological crisis and the deterioration of people’s quality of life, has taken steps to reduce these problems. Among other things, he established the Environmental Protection Day (September 1) inviting the faithful to prayer and spiritual struggles to preserve the environment.

At the same time, the offer and the action of the Holy Mitropoly of Limassol and Amathus are very important, with the establishment and operation of CYCERE, a pioneering center that operates in the heart of the Akrotiri habitat. CYCERE has been active for a decade in various and very significant activities, in Environmental Education, Environmental Research, the organization of Environmental Departments, in the production and publication of environmental material, etc.

The design of the programs offered free of charge to pupils of primary, secondary, high and higher education, and the methodological approaches adopted, based on the modern principles of Environmental Education / Education for Sustainable Development, go hand in hand with the Philosophy of Youth study program for the PE / EAA and contribute to the formation of environmentally friendly and critical active citizens of tomorrow.

The whole successful offer and action of CYCERE and its officials, was sealed with distinctions that demonstrate the very important and remarkable work that is being done. The participation of more than 30 thousand students in the various programs and opportunities for field studies given to them, the award with the Pancyprian Award of Environmental Education for 2010, as well as the award of its website with the 1st Panhellenic Award, are reliable indicators and evidence of success for evaluation of its programs.

In conclusion, I would like to express once again the thanks of the Limassol District Education Office for our close and continuous cooperation and for the help and support that the Holy Mitropoly of Limassol offers us. With its actions and the provision of material and spiritual nourishment to thousands of our students, it has expanded its pastoral work and upgraded the ministry to our fellow human beings. I also express my thanks and congratulations to the officials of CYCERE who work tirelessly to make our young people truly guardians of the Earth and true Christians who love their fellow human beings but also the nature that the creator has given us.

Onisiforos Ioannou
First Education Officer