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Sofoklis Fyttis (Representative for Kyrenia)

On the occasion of the celebration for the 10 years of the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education, I wish to congratulate you for your selfless, continuous and extremely beneficial work, to preserve the natural environment and the ecological balance.

With this salutation I would like to strengthen your efforts to address the serious environmental problems faced in Cyprus and the region around it.

Cyprus and the Mediterranean basin are generally suffering great damage from climate change and the gradual desertification that is already evident across the southern coast of Cyprus.

Other serious problems we face in Cyprus include the progressive and continuous erosion of the low beaches of Cyprus, without any substantial measures to protect our beaches so far. The turmoil and greediness of the Turks have altered the morphology of Pentadaktylos from the anarchous and extensive quarrying. In this respect, too many activities and actions are taking place, mainly protests to curb Turkish actions.

Another issue is the unsettled residential development that raises several fertile cultivation grounds and groundwater pollution due to non-control and extensive over-pumping and the destructive cut-off of protected trees and reduction of funds for afforestation.

I believe that the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education is on the right direction and, despite its minimal financial resources, it promotes and contributes to environmental education, cultivation of environmental culture and continuous monitoring of the nature and biodiversity of the Cyprus countryside.

I hope you continue your work and find the resources to enrich it.

Yours sincerely

Sofoklis Fyttis
Representative for Kyrenia

Member of Parliament

Committee for the Environment