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The Red Flora Data Book of Cyprus

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The Red Flora Data Book of Cyprus is an important product of research activity and it was funded by the Research Promotion Foundation within the framework of the Research Project KIPRINIA 93/5th EE-2002 having as grant holder the Cyprus Forestry Association.

The red data books and the red data lists are used internationally, containing all the endangered plants and animals by classifying them into categories of risk of extinction, based on quantitative criteria and defined methodology. The most widely used criteria and categories are those created from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (International Union for the Conservation of Nature-IUCN). The red data books are a necessary and important tool for the elaboration of valid and credible action plans for the conservation of the species and the biodiversity.

Objectives of the project and collaborators:

The specific objectives of the project were: (i) The writing of the red data book of the endangered plant species belonging in the Cyprus flora. (ii) The creation of an electronic database about the Cyprus Flora for monitoring the conservation status of the threatened species. (iii) The establishment of a network of cooperation between agencies involved in conservation of the Cyprus flora. (iv) The proposal of actions about the conservation of the endangered plant species of Cyprus flora.

For the project completion several agents like: the Cyprus Forestry Association, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Department of Forestry, the Agricultural Research Institute, the Environment Service and a significant number of individual researchers studying the Cyprus flora, contributed.

Importance of the book

The Red Flora Data Book of Cyprus is a luxury edition, of 472 pages with hardcover, including over 300 color photographs and texts in Greek with a brief summary in English for all the plants included.

The writing of the Red Data Book is something really innovative and consist a crucial point in the research arena concerning the issues of the Cyprus flora. At the same time, it represents both the most systematic and collective effort of almost all who are involved in the study for the Cyprus flora for recording and updating the existing knowledge about endangered plants on the island. The book is an acceptable basis as well as a starting point for the future monitoring and the continuous revision of the list of the endangered plants.

Furthermore, the Red Data Book is expected to contribute considerably in the following areas:

  • Awareness of citizens so as to participate actively in the effort to protect and conserve the Cyprus flora. 
  • Updating information for the formulation and documentation of national proposals for the inclusion Cyprus plants into international conventions and lists of endangered plants, such as the Bern Convention, the Appendices of the Habitats Directive, the IUCN Red Data List, etc. 
  • Communication and exchange of information of the competent authorities of the Cyprus Republic with international organizations responsible for flora and biodiversity. 
  • Development and Evaluation of Studies concerning Environmental Impact Assessment as well as Management Plans for Protected Areas. 
  • Implement of research initiatives such as the establishment of Important Areas for Plants (Important Plant Areas – IPAs). 
  • Identification of gaps in the scientific knowledge and thus detection of important subject for research.

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