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«Akrotiri Peninsula – Environmental Tour»

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The edition «Akrotiri Peninsula – Environmental Tour» is an excellent environmental – pedagogical material focusing at presenting the unique natural richness of the Akrotiri Peninsula through pictures. This edition includes more than 150 pictures focusing not only on the ecological richness of the area but also on historical and cultural features, ecclesiastic monuments and landscape points revealing the anthropogenic influences and threats the Peninsula is currently facing.   This edition is addressed to every person interested in the environment as also to students, teachers and university students interested in researching the Akrotiri Peninsula.

*only Greek edition

Publication: Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education copyright © 2010
Texts: Dr. Andreas Hadjihambis, Scientific Director of CYCERE
Editors: Dr. Andreas Hadjihambis, Dr. Demetra Paraskeva – Hadjihambi, Chara Ioannou, Yiannis Georgiou.
Pictures: Photographic Archive Α.& D. Hadjihambi, Photographic Archive CYCERE 
First Edition: 2011
ISBN: 978-9963-9275-1-7
Sponsor: Limassol Co-operative Savings Society Ltd