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Educational workshop: “Environmental Education: Past, present and future” – 13 October, 2012

The educational workshop organized by the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE), having as subject “Environmental Education: Past, Present and Future” Environmental Education and Environmental Research”, was characterized by great success. At the conference, held on Tuesday, October 13, 2012 at the Conference Hall of the Holy Church of Limassol, eminent personalities gave a speech including Dr. Giorgos Tsiakalos (Coordinator of the Committee for the Development of the New Curriculums in Cyprus), Mr. Giorgos Georgiou (Inspector of Primary Education) and Dr. Giannakis Koumides (Inspector of Geography and Biology). More than 250 participants attended the educational workshop, especially teachers, school directors and inspectors.

Some of the most interesting conclusions of the educational workshop are that the Centers for Environmental Education have the ability to contribute greatly into the formation of positive attitudes towards the environment and that CYCERE’s environmental education programs are really successful. In addition, it was revealed that, living in an age characterized by rapid economic and housing development, Environmental Education should focus on the Education for the Sustainability of the Earth. Following this reasoning, it was emphasized that the next generation of the Environmental Education Programs should be focused toward this direction.

Finally, the last section of the educational workshop was focused on the presentation of the new educational material published by the CYCERE More specifically, during this section, the scientific coordinator of CYCERE presented the two educational packages being published by CYCERE: “The House of Future is Based on the Traditions of the Past: Plants into the Cypriot Tradition” and “Sustainable Gardens in our Place: Adaptations of the Cypriot Plants in the Mediterranean Climate”.  Both educational packages aim to contribute in students’ citizenship development, by developing conceptual understanding, skills, attitudes, values and behaviors. 

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