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2nd Education Conference Motivate and Attract Students to Science


The Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) within the context of its European activities has participated in the Second International Education Conference of the European Project MASS: “Motivating and Attracting the Students to Science” organized at the Polish capital of Warsaw on 25-27 November 2015.

The main objective of the Educational Conference was to create a network of teachers, educators and scientists involved in science education through the exchange and dissemination of best practices in science education using modern and more effective tools and methodologies.

This experiential educational conference brought together more than 70 people from Europe, America and Asia. Participants were mainly teachers of all levels of education or people who are directly involved in teaching science. The opening speech at the Conference was addressed by the President of the European Program GLOBE, Dr. Tony Murphy.

Within the context of the conference, participants were informed about the project and the work levels of the European Programme MASS. They also participated in experiential workshops on specific teacher training activities designed on the basis of the Work Groups (WGs) of the Project.

  • WG1:Integrating Technology in Natural Science lessons
  • WG2:Early Inquiry method approach
  • WG3:Low Achievers in Science

During the activities, the participants had the opportunity to meet new colleagues and to reflect by exchanging ideas and opinions on subjects related to Natural Sciences. Additionally, the experiential workshop held at the interactive Copernicus Science Centre gave participants innovative ideas on the theoretical and practical approaches to science in education. Furthermore, the training material developed by the different Working Groups was given to all participants to use in teaching and the participants were guided in the beautiful city of Warsaw, discovering its rich history.

CYCERE, as a partner member of the European Project participated in the development of the educational material of all Working Groups with a particular contribution and activity in the development of teacher training material within Working Group 2 (WG2): Approaching the Method of Early Inquiry in Natural Sciences. The material was presented during the conference by members of CYCERE.

The conference was successfully completed by marking the beginning of a piloting cycle of educational material developed with a parallel collection of results and feedback planned to be presented at the third and final conference of the Project in October 2016 in Germany.

Website of the European Project MASS: http://www.mass4education.eu


Conference announcement form Recorded Conference

Material: http://mass4education.eu/conference2015/materials  

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