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4th Pancyprian Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability

The 4th Pancyprian Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability was held with great success in the Events Hall of the Holy Diocese of Limassol, on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

The Conference is organized by the Inspectorate of Physiognomy / Biology / Geography of the Directorate of Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with the Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) of the Holy Diocese of Limassol. In addition, the Conference is held under the auspices of the Honorable Minister of Education and Culture, Dr. Costas Hambiaouris.

Collaborating bodies of the conference are the Environmental Education Research Team of the University of Cyprus, the School of Education of the University of Frederick, the Department of Environmental Science and Technology of the Cyprus University of Technology, the Biological Society of Cyprus and the Biological Society of Cyprus OELMEK and CYMEPA – Friends of the Sea.

The conference is addressed to student groups (regardless of the number of students) of Gymnasiums, Lyceums and Technical Schools (to their teacher coordinators) who design and prepare environmental works in their schools, either within an environmental education or competition program, or within the framework of student councils of municipalities, or after an independent initiative of teachers and students. All schools that have an Environmental Program (eg Golden Green Leaf, Ecological Schools, New Journalists for the Environment, SEMEP, GLOBE) must necessarily record their work on a poster which they hold at the 4th Pancyprian Student Conference for the Conference and Sustainability.

The objectives of the 4th Pancyprian Conference for the Environment and Sustainability were to promote the goal of the year associated to improving the learning outcomes achieved on the basis of cooperation and solidarity between pupils and teachers, the ability to share  projects related to the Environment and Sustainability and the dissemination of information, experiences and methods, the cultivation of active citizenship and the linking of schools with the community and other collaborating organizations, cultivating of creativity, critical thinking and reflective knowledge management, the ability to associate theory to practice, the collective work and democratic interference in social activities with the aim of making the necessary changes to create a future based on sustainable conditions and principles .The main objective of the conference was to inform and raise awareness on the environment for particularly the new generation, as agents of change and hope for the planet that is intended to be more sustainable, maintaining environmentally friendly policies.

At the conference, 96 student groups from 80 Gymnasiums and Lyceums from all over Cyprus presented the environmental projects they designed and prepared during the 2018-2019 school year in the form of a scientific poster and oral announcements. More than 500 students and 100 teachers participated in the conference. The work was part of 14 thematic sections: Sustainable Lifestyle, Waste, Urban Development, Biodiversity, Forest, Energy, Climate Change, Transportation, Water, Production and Consumption, Environment and Culture, Environment and Health, Poverty.

The keynote address of the conference was given by the Counselor of Biology Programs at the Ministry of Education, Dr. Dimitra Hatzihampi, on “We become active citizens for the environment”. The conference was welcomed by the Minister of Education and Culture, Dr. Costas Hambiaouris, the Commissioner for the Environment, Mrs. Ioanna Panagiotou and the Bishop of Amathus, Mr. Nikolaos.
The Gold Sponsor of the Conference was CYTA, Silver Sponsors Gan Direct, Vasilikos Cement Factory, Agios Lucas lyceum, Kolossi Parents Association and Bronze Sponsors Elias Beach Hotel and Alexander the Great Beach Hotel.

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The distinguished students in the Competition for Best presentation of the Conference are:


1st Prize

Ap. Petrou kai Paulou High school: Reviving the bottom of Limassol: Prospects and potential problems.

Students Team: Adam Kyriakou, Korina Michael, Despina Kyriakou, Elli Petridou, Andreas Athanasiadis, Valeria Siakidou, Eftychia Spyrou, Anna Michail, Sofia Papadopoulou, Ilias Poullis, Elina Pastelli

Coordinating teachers: Andria Parpa, Christos Eleftheriou, Theodosia Konstantinidou

2nd Prize

High School of the First Ethnarch Makarios III Paphos: Pollution of marine ecosystems from disposable plastics.

Student group: Christos Antoniadis, Dimitra Vorka, Giannis Giallouros, Veronika Dimitriou, Anna Isporka, Konstantina Charalambous

Coordinating teachers: Christos Maratheftis, Kyriaki Siambouli

3rd Prize

Archangelos Ap. Markos High School: Feminization of the environment

Student group: Pantelina Syrimi, Theodora Syrimi, Fani Athanassiou, Anastasia Petkani, Andreas Panagiotou, Christia Pilava, Theofano Hatzikyriakou, Maria Theodorou, Elpida Efstathiou

Coordinating teachers: Maria Miti, Katerina Andreadou


1ST Prize

Olympion High School: YES to the bus, NO to the car

Student group: Chara Michailidou, Kyriaki Kyprianou, Marina Kritikou, Zeta Ladopoulou, Alexandros Eftychiou, George Mylonas, Joseph Georgiou, Christos Kladeftiras, Linos-Kyriakos Irakleous, Agathias Panlatiounis Panagioglios Papaligiotis Giorgos, Angelina Tomazou

Coordinating teachers: Maria Mourouti, Rihanna Loizidi

2nd Prize

Agios Athanasios High School: Use of Plastic Bags

Student group: Alexandra Konstantopoulou, Victoria Ountili, Theonitsa Chrysanthos, Andriana Karagiannis Koulia Patsalidou Maria Batalha, Anthony Kalopaidis, Freedom Kyriakou Fotos Kyriacou, Georgian pliers, Alexandra Siakalli, Magdalena Andreou, Nicholas Maratheftis, Chrysovalantis Maratheftis, Stephanie Stylianou Elizabeth Charalambous , Andreas Xydas, Irini Economidou

Coordinating teacher: Marilena Neokleous

3rd Prize      

Palouriotissa High School: Recycling of expired home medicines

Student group: Eleni Semina De Silva Patagam, Xenia Hadjistefanou, Stella Ioannou

Coordinating teachers: Maria Chrysafi, Myria Theodoridou

The distinguished students in the Best Scientific Poster Competition of the Conference are:


1ST Prize

Giannaki Talioti High School Geroskipou: The burning monster… devours Cyprus.

Student group: Achilleos Dimitriana, Vassiliou Alexandra, Eleftheriou Georgia, Evzona Maria, Kaltsi Theodora, Kyprianou Maria

Coordinating teacher: Androniki Kloni

2nd Prize

Vergina High School: How and to what extent the shooting range of Kalo Chorio Larnaca affects the environment and the living standards of the residents of the area.

Student group: Eva Petrou, Elena Papachristodoulou, Rafaella Evdokimou, Konstantina Makri

Coordinating teacher: Maria Kyriakou

3rd Prize

Ag. Ioannis Limassol: “The heart hurts when it rises”. Worrying findings from Limassol “rising”.

Student team: Nikolas Konstantinidis, Andri Riri, Katerina Telamitsi, Anastasia Theodorou, Martina Tagouatros, Loukas Loukaidis, Darinka Mijujoskovic

Coordinating teacher: Rodoula Abraham


1st Prize

Lanitio High School: Limassol: the city of skyscrapers or the city that loses its identity?

Student group: Eleni Aristeidou, Yasmina Achmaz, Despina Mosfili, Ignatios Papathemistokleous, Zoe Pavlou, Evanthia Charilaou, Anastasia Gavriilidou, Klelia Karakatsani, Mariavia Lagiadia Lagiaki Konstantina Panakyriakou, Irini Garpo Mahmut, Stefanos Alexandrou, Nikolas Vyronos, Irini Kleovoulou

Coordinating teacher: Maria Charalambous

2nd Prize

Ag. Stylianou Gymnasium: Elimination of equal distribution = Sustainable society.

Student group: Andriani Tegeri, Alexandros Tegeris, David-Ionut Ene, Ioanna Giagkou, Koula Daniel, Christina Kalogirou, Nikolas Miltiadous, Nikitas Mouroutis, Panagiotis Savva, Alexandros Pachitis, Ivantariou Etritziou Anthatzis Gountali, Dimitris Charis Nefeli Kantouna, Theodora Loizou

Coordinating teachers: Natasa Hadjipetrou, Georgia Georgiou, Christiana Maratheftou

3rd Prize

Panos Ioannou High School Kokkinohoria: The importance of bees in maintaining life. Factors that affect their survival. Possible mitigation measures.

Student group: Loizos Dimitriou, Evdokia Kyrmitsi, Michaelia Fiaka, Theodora Hatziparaskeva, Maria Christofi, Ioanna Perikleous, Andria Papetta, Elena Perikleous, Marina Loukari, Panagiota Hatzigianni

Coordinating teachers: Therapon Therapontos, Athanasia Aggelou

The award ceremony will take place at the Awards Ceremony organized by the Physiognomy / Biology / Geography Inspectorate at the Ministry of Education and Culture.


Circular of the Ministry of Education and Culture
Participation Statement
Conference poster
Poster Creation Instructions
Οδηγίες για τη Δημιουργία της Αφίσας

Poster Creation Instructions
Instructions for Creating an Electronic Poster

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Program with the catalog of the proceedings of the Conference
– Student Posters
Results of the Competition at the 4th Pancyprian Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability (Posted by Education news)

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