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Radio Broadcast

The Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education in cooperation with the Radio Channel “Kanali 6” (98,6 FM) of the Holy Church of Limassol daily presents the broadcast “Environment for All”, which deals with environmental issues. The broadcast is organized and presented by the Biologists – Environmentalists Dr. Andreas Hadjichambis and Dr. Demetra Paraskeva-Hadjichambi. The program broadcasts daily (Monday – Friday) at 8:40 a.m and it lasts for 5 minutes.

Below you can find short environmental articles, relating to the presentation of environmental issues.

The species of April 2015

  Name: nightingale Scientific Name: Luscinia megarhynchos Kingdom: Animalia Taxonomy: birds (Aves) Class: Passeniformes Family: Muscicapidae                                                                     ...

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The species of March 2015

Name: Spiny Starwort Scientific Name: Pallenis spinosa – (L.) Cass Family: Compositae                                              Description An annual plant, upright, with a hairy shoot. Leaves alternately, simply, off the lower, hairy ...

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The species of February 2015

   Name: Eurasian coot Scientific Name: Fulica Atra Kingdom: Animals Taxonomy: birds (Aves) Class: Gruiformes Family: Rallidae Genus: Fulica Species: F. Atra Description The Eurasian coot has the scientific name Fulica Atra in Latin, which is rendered in Greek as “bald head”. In Cyprus, you may have heard it as ...

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The species of 2014

 January Scientific Name: Lycium schweinfurthii Dammer Family: Solanaceae – Solanous     February Name: Hoopoe Scientific name: Upupa epop     March   Name: Dead-nettles Scientific name: Lamium garganicum ssp. striatum – (Sm). Hayek Family: Labiatae     April Name: Long-eared owl Scientific name: Asio otus       May Name: Corydalis Scientific name: Corydalis rutifolia – Sibth.et.Sm Family: Fumariaceae ...

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The species of December 2014

Name: Blackbird Scientific name: Turdus merula – Linnaeus Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Passeniformes Family: Turdidae Genus: Turdus Description The male is black with the exception of the eye ring and the beak which are yellow. The female has a dark brown color on the upper part (wings, ...

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The species of November 2014

  Name: Autumn Lady’s-tresses Scientific name: Spiranthes spiralis (L) Chevall Family: Orchidaceae                                                                             ...

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The species of October 2014

  Name: European bee-eater Scientific name: Merops Apiaster Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Coraciiformes Family: Meropidae Genus: Merops                                       Description: It is a colorful bird with an impressive plumage that ...

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The species of September 2014

  Name: Soapwort Scientific name: Saponaria cypria – Boiss Family: Caryophyllaceae                                                                               ...

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