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The species of October 2015

Pernis apivoru

Name: Honey-buzzard                                   
Scientific Name: Pernis apivoru
Family: Αccipitridae





The honey-buzzard is a middle size predator. The wingspan of those birds ranges between 125-143m. This specific species varies in color of plumage widely and it is considered the predator Honey buzzard with the great and the most beautiful variety of colour. The main colours of its body is the brown and grey. The chance of seeing two birds with exactly the same colour is very limited. Its chest has a light brown colour with small spots or stripes.

The major threat of this specific species is the destruction of the natural areas with big trees and open natural areas, where Honey-buzzard lives and uses for breeding and searching for food.

The breeding period of Honey-buzzard is usually between April and May. The male attracts the female Honey-buzzard by doing an aerial showing-off with different movements. The mating happens during the time are flying.


The food consists mainly of larvae, nymphs, eggs and adults of insects such as bees and wasps but feeds and various small birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.

Specific characteristics
Its shaped legs help are suitable for it to find the food. Specifically its nails are almost straight, suitable for walking on the ground and digging while his legs are covered with thick scales, as it also protects them from insect bites.



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